How to find your personal style. Part I

by Karen

Frankly speaking at least once in our life, us gals felt envious of a Red Carpet Diva or Queen Elisabeth. But usually these celebs have an enormous staff of stylists and designers to make them look as beautiful as they do. And here we are, sitting tête-a-têt with our wardrobes trying to solve the global task of “what to wear”. Do these green palazzos match that azure soutache sweater?” or “will my black mini be suitable for the red jacket?” But asking these questions is a good thing. If these problems go on and on, then you are starving to find your personal style and the road of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So if you made up your mind to create your personal style, one thing you can be sure of is you will find it!
Modest trousers must be worn without rhinestones! In other words sportswear must be sportswear and official clothes must be worn in the office. You can match sport styles with busy office fashions but only following a few special rules: your lower garments must be modest, whereas the upper styles may be loose-fitting. You may look more than just awkward wearing a knitted skirt and office-styled jacket. Nonetheless, a modest skirt you will go extremely well with a knitted sleeveless pullover. That set will make you into a graduating senior of Harvard. The same rule works for evening wear and office styles. Modest skirts can be matched with bright blouses but not vice versal. Styling shoes requires other special rules: you can match your evening gown only with select special shoes, whereas you can put absolutely any shoes on if you wear denim or jeans.

Office sets will hardly “survive” when you wear tennis shoes or high-heeled shoes with rhinestones by Swarovski. Remember: mohair “doesn’t like” silk clothing. The thinner the fabric is, the more fitting it should be. Tweed, heavy knitted wear, denim or Chinese brocade can go with silk fabrics only if there are some other medium fabrics between them. Use caution when combining knitted or crotched clothing with silk items. Do not wear mohair and wool with silk palazzos or skirts. You will hardly look stunning if you dawn a silk evening gown and cover your shoulders with a knitted wool cardigan. If you still insist on wearing a knitted jumper, use denim trousers, a knitted skirt or pile pants. In other words, the rules are: heavy + heavy and airy+airy. Kerchiefs, scarves and tippets may be made of any fabric except for heavy brocade or cheap cotton. Pick up the sets and accessories made of similar fabrics, the fabrics should be approximately of the same density. Airy and fragrant kerchiefs and scarves are always a “goof-proof scheme”. 
As for accessories, the rules of etiquette are as follows: do not combine styles. An art-deco broach shouldn’t be mixed with the Victorian platinum chains. Heavy jewelry is proper only for evening outfits. The same rule works for the massive belts. Any accessory must look natural, that is, cheap plastic ear clips are a senseless choice to wear with an evening gown. The length of skirts and trousers prompts us what to wear with them as a set. Here only one rule works: the longer the bottom line, the shorter the upper item of the set. A mini plus a tiny jacket will make you look like an overaged teenager. If your coat is long the best look can be achieved when the palazzos or maxi-skirts are peeping out through the coat. The extra short coats are needed to be combined with the skirts that are at least 7-10 inches longer. Here is the short list of possible “must haves”: Tight-fitting skirts and single-breasted jackets Short dresses and thin panty hoes Flat sweaters and maxi skirts Knitted hats and petite jackets Wide trousers (or palazzos) and small sweaters And here is a list of the main don’ts: Tight fitting pants and long sweaters Light or airy dresses and heavy panty hoses Jumpers with zippers and skirts with buttons Opera coats and tennis shoes The stylists use a classic rule for selecting the color schemes: the best color scheme is the three-color-scheme. Of course, black and white scheme is does not apply. Mother Nature gives us a hint having presented the rainbow. Remember you childhood? Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain? So, the best matches can be obtained using adjacent colors in the rainbow like blue and green or green and yellow. Nevertheless, if you start playing with shades you may find very interesting combinations as some raspberry colors with orange shades. If you made up your mind to choose an embroidered blouse in a very bright or even screaming color let the rest of your set be modest in style. We’ve brought you plenty of ideas to work with your figure as well as guidance on how to disguise your figure flaws. So when purchasing dresses, go for those that reveal your advantages such as the bust line, narrow waist line, slender legs etc… To be continued

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