How to find your personal style. Hollywood tricks

by Karen

When we say “a stylish woman” we usually mean “a well dressed lady”. And how many Old Hollywood celebs can we add to the short list of the well-dressed Divas? The truth is that we can add more than thousands by now. But how many of them can we call iconic? This is a harder question. We can hardly find a person to be compared with Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. They are believed to have combined proper sets from their wardrobes and to have been faithful to their personal styles all their lives. It is hard to meet a lady with her personal style nowadays. Oftentimes the ladies had to obey fashion trends and follow them. But here are some alternative ladies who know the “exact flapper style that suits them better than the rest” or “rockabilly sets that emphasize their personality better than any other styled clothing”. And these ladies are purchasing dresses only in a single focused clothing theme. They may be called boring but no one can deny they have their personal style. You will see them in the crowd of many other fashionistas and you will never say they are vulgar. Boring? Time will show! “The inner transformation has a great influence onto the outer circumstances”, psychologists claim. And defining your own clothing theme, you are making yourselves into the Goddesses of style. But experience clearly demonstrates that not just any gal may reveal the Goddess within. Yet if you experiment, you will get the results you desire. Let’s say you purchase the Titanic Inspired Dress by Nataya and you noticed the delighted eyes around you. You purchased a second similar one and the number of delighted eyes and compliments increased. That means you chose the most suitable silhouette and you need only to follow this style, changing only your accessories. More proof will come if, let’s say, you decided to change the line and purchase 50’s inspired full skirts or flapper dresses. If the complements sound insincere now and you are noticing less or no delighted eyes, you better return to the most effective silhouettes that have proven to work on you. Remember, being iconic means following your own personal style, you do not follow the fashion but the fashion follows you! Sometimes young gals try to imitate the personal style of celebs. But is this game worthy of candles? Let’s start with Madonna. She was included into The Guinness Book of Records changing her style 85 times. But what is her style? She will be the symbol of novelties but the style… On the contrary, when we talk about Lady Gaga, we can describe her style as mostly absence of style plus sun glasses in different forms. If she won’t betray her sunglass style in next ten years we can speak about the Gaga inspired Style. Another sample? Can you describe Dita’s style? Of course you can. She used to be a… summer type gal with light blonde hair. But you can rarely remember her. Having dyed her hair, she is now presented to the world as the iconic diva of the 40’s inspired neo-vintage. Have you seen her with different color hair since then? Not once! She never trusts the stylist to make her up or to do her hair. She follows her style more than 10 years just because she used the aforementioned rule of the best clothing line.


So what is personal style? Personal style is the reflection of your personal taste in fashion. It is great if you take all items in your wardrobe and make your appearance full of harmony. The personal style is uniqueness. There are tree basics steps to achieve your personal style. Step One. Your personality. Smarter people create unforgettable styles. You should find the line to reflect your personality. Many specialists claim a sense of taste is a godsend. Marlene Dietrich had been looking for her personal style for a long time. She wore corsets, puffy sleeve dresses, furs… Can you imagine her in all these clothes now? No, you can recollect only a man-styled frock and a cylinder style hat. And now she is considered the most iconic Diva of Old Hollywood.
Diva of Old Hollywood
Want a modern sample? Take Christina Aguilera. You can scarcely find her former images memorable. The brunette in lacerated denim or the gal with semi-braids in blond and in cowboy denim, it was about her! But when she turned her eyes to the flapper and rockabilly styles, she won the first prize and now she is considered iconic and a very harmonious gal. Ask yourselves: what celebrity gal can you be associated with and why? What styles and eras of fashion are most beloved by you? Why? And how will you behave when you purchase enough dresses of the chosen line to fill in your wardrobes? Be frank and confess the style is not yours if you look strange in some vintage styled gown. Step two: The basics of style. The diversity of styles is great, yet there are only three main lines.

1. Everlasting classic style. Jackline Kennedy is notorious only for this line. Classic shoes, tablet-styled hats and modest yet expensive skirts sets. If you do not have a racer back, you can try this style on and try to listen to the people around.

2. Artistic person. You give birth to unique ideas. Tunics, many layers, ethnic, romantic and feminine images. Try one of them. Do your best and combine the most whimsical items of clothing to find something unique because you are artistic! Vivien Leigh, Dita von Teese and Liv Tyler can be added to this list.

3. Counterculture or the rioter’s style. Mass culture is not for them. They founded hippie, boho and flapper silhouettes. But now they went to create new styles. You can call Dietrich, Garbo, Twiggy or Aggy the good samples of the mentioned styles.

Don’t even mention the sport style, it’s good only for fitness! Step 3, Fashion. Remember: fashion is just the instrument to serve you in creating your personal style. The complete looks from runways must also serve only as hints to your style. If you know exactly what you want you will be a very skilled shopper and one day will be called iconic.
Vintage inspired dress in white
Creating a personal style may be a difficult, but very breathtaking process when others start to notice!

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