Fantasy Wedding Dresses

by Karen

Fantasy weddings
Fantasy weddings are becoming increasingly popular as more brides discover the beauty and charm of a fairytale event. If you are a bride-to-be planning one of these magical wedding themes, you will want your wedding dress to be perfect. Fantasy wedding dresses may be short or long, and they come in a variety of colors. No matter what type of wedding theme you choose, you can find a dress that will add to the magic of your special day. Fantasy wedding dresses are usually inspired by fairytales. A world of magic is often the focus of a fantasy wedding. To emphasize this, your wedding gown should be one that has a traditional look with an ethereal twist. A dress that has a unique feature like intricate details or a corset-style bodice will stand out as extraordinary. Even if you want to avoid traditional styles, you can still find a dress with timeless appeal. One of the most popular versions of a fantasy wedding is the medieval theme. The ideal wedding dresses for this type of occasion are those that evoke images of the days of yore. Many medieval-themed dresses are long, loose and flowing. Intricate details such as rosettes, ribbon work or extra layering add a touch of romance to a mystical gown. If you want to experiment with color, a burgundy empire waist gown is ideal.Cinderella’s gownMany brides prefer to have a more modern-day fantasy wedding. For the contemporary princess, there are numerous ball-inspired gowns to choose from. Wedding dresses that flare out from the waist mimic Cinderella’s gown, but have a more modern flair. You will look like royalty by donning a gown made of elegant fabrics like chiffon or organza. For a more delicate look, choose a sheer, layered dress with off-the-shoulder straps.

When it comes to fabrics for fantasy wedding dresses, the more airy they are, the more magical they will look. For warm weather weddings, lace, tulle, silk, satin and chiffon are ideal. Wintertime weddings may call for thicker materials like crushed velvet, rayon, or fabrics that have heavy embroidery. No matter what fabric you select, it should flatter your body shape and highlight your contours.

Vintage Inspired Fantasy wedding dresses

Fantasy wedding dresses come in a plethora of colors. Because there are so many options, you will always find a hue that complements your skin tone. The most common colors for a fantasy dress are soft whites and pastels. To add a point of interest to a white dress, you can choose one with gold or silver accents. Many medieval-themed wedding dresses come in darker tones like burgundy, black and emerald-green. Many fantasy wedding dresses hang loosely from the shoulders, but some have tighter bodices with flared skirts. Sheath styles are increasing in popularity as well. Many loose-fitting dresses have extended bodice lengths, which accentuates a variety of body types. Fantasy wedding dresses may have spaghetti straps or halter tops, but they may also have long, flowing sleeves as well. Wearing a stunning dress on your wedding day will put you in the spotlight where you belong. Plan a day you will remember forever by choosing a fantasy themed gown. Fantasy wedding dresses are whimsical, exotic and magnificent to behold. If you want to experience the ultimate fairytale wedding, choose one of these gowns to show your mystical side.

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