Dressing For Your Body Type

by Karen

Dressing For Your Body Type

Every woman knows that we don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. A dress that might look great on one person might not flatter someone with a completely different figure. Dressing for your body type and shopping for clothing can be frustrating if you don’t know what design characteristics will accentuate your specific body type.
When shopping for vintage clothing, keep these details in mind so you can find a fabulous frock that effortlessly complements your figure.


Ladies with an hourglass figure have that classic bombshell look. This body type is characterized by proportional bust and hips and a slender natural waist. Look for styles that emphasize your waist to ensure your curves look that much more spectacular. Nearly any dress with an A-line silhouette and a defined waistline will look great on women with hourglass figures. Look for styles that feature a seam, belt, or tie detail that cinches the natural waist. We recommend… A pin-up style dress from the 1940’s will showcase your curves and make you instantly look like a retro style star.

Athletic / Rectangular

Athletic ladies have a lean look that everyone envies. This body type is typically characterized by broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a torso that is almost straight up-and-down. Because you have a slender, willowy silhouette, dresses that lack structure drape beautifully on your body. When it comes to waistlines, don’t be afraid to opt for one that hits right below the bust. Your rectangular frame will naturally showcase vintage dresses with effortless shapes. We recommend… Elegant Edwardian dresses with empire waistlines will look beautiful on your chic, sporty figure.

Busty / Triangular

Busty girls have a few unique challenges when it comes to finding clothing that flatters their figure. While style and cut are important, the most imperative detail is whether or not a garment allows them to feel comfortable and supported. For this reason, consider the top and neckline when shopping for a vintage dress. A strapless dress, for example, won’t offer the support you seek. Instead, select a dress made of a thicker or more durable material. A modest neckline and cap sleeves will allow you to wear undergarments that let you look and feel your best. We recommend… A-line dresses from the 1950s feature modest necklines and A-line skirts - two features that will make any triangular figure look extra fabulous.

Pear Shaped or Full Figured

If your hips are your body’s most prominent feature, the worst thing you can do is hide your best asset. The same thing goes for full-figured gals. A dress that showcases your silhouette and highlights your fabulous curves will celebrate exactly what makes you so fabulous in the first place. When it comes to shopping for a vintage gown, a dress with long lines has a slimming effect and will enhance your figure to perfection. Horizontal seams and lines can cut you off in all the wrong places and make you look disproportionate. Instead, opt for a dress with vertical princess seams - or one without structured seams at all. We Recommend… A 1920s sheath dress will show off your curves without drawing unnecessary attention to them. The result is a sleek, streamlined look that will make you feel fantastic.

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