Dresses for the Not-So-Skinny Lady in Most of Us

by Karen

Dressing your best has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Sometimes it is all about shape. There are many dresses for the not-so-skinny lady in most of us. We are not all stick figures as the models in the magazines would have everyone believe. And that is perfectly okay. Finding the right dress for your figure is about to get a whole lot easier.

Know your shape

They say you are either some shape from geometry class, or a piece of fruit, or something else completely. But what does this mean? Here are some real descriptions of each possible shape and how to dress for the not-so-skinny lady. Hourglass: this shape can start in your twenties and carry through, albeit widening out, well into your fifties. A full hourglass has bigger thighs, a full bust, and a small waist. Dresses for this shape accentuate the small waist and shapely bust. Rectangle and Column: These shapes tend to not have a defined waistline. From shoulders to hips, this shape is straight up and down. Dresses that are great for ladies of the rectangular or column shape include tower and sheath dresses. Triangle and Pear: Just to be clear, the pear is an upside-down triangle; it means the hips are the widest part of the body, whereas the triangle has the shoulders as the widest. For triangles, wear dresses in the empire style. Pears should adhere to the A-Line or halter dress. Both accentuate the right areas and make the wide areas less obvious.

What to Watch Out For

We know now that certain shapes can be uplifted with the right style of vintage dress. But, did you know the pattern or fabric of the dress can actually make you look bigger than you really are? That’s right. If you have found that your shape is more in the triangle, apple, or pear; avoid flashy fabrics and styles near the waistline. And since rectangle and column shapes don’t have a defined waistline most of the time so they have a bit more leeway in the waist area and with patterns like ruffles and lace. Hourglass shapes have the most choices in this direction as they can boast and announce their waistline. Watch your color choices. Honestly, if you like yellow than wear yellow. But remember you don’t have to try to imitate the sun. Accents of your favorite color will look much more pleasing. But don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of dresses for the not-so-skinny lady. Being plus-sized should not deter you from trying on everything in a store. Find what you like and what looks great on you. You will be surprised at all the options out there. At the WardrobeShop.com most of our dresses come in plus sizes. Take this information with you when you peruse our site and you will no doubt find the perfect dress for any occasion. Here are few to look through and get ideas. These three offer either a high or low waistline and bring the attention to a more attractive feature.

Flutter Sleeve Evening Gown


Vintage Inspired Dress in white
Vintage Inspired Dress in Black

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