Dress Your Best as a Pregnant Bride. Shoes

by Karen

The mom-to-be who just cannot live without heels faces a quite a dilemma on her wedding day. Pregnancy causes the feet to swell, and heels place extra strain on the back. Choosing the right pair of shoes is not only a matter of beauty but also a matter of health.
Of course, ballet flats and mini-heels are the perfect solution for the bride-to-be.
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Odette ballet flats
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Here are some lovely low heels and low wedges:
- Leah
Vintage style bridal shoes on Wedges, Model "Honey"
Unique Vintage style bridal shoes in Cream, Model "Leah"
If you absolutely must have bit of additional height, opt for medium heels. However, we sincerely recommend having 2 pairs of shoes on hand. Low heels or ballet flats are perfect for the majority of your ceremony as well as reception dances. Wear your midi heels for the photo shoot as well as walking down the aisle.
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Dress Your Best as a Pregnant Bride. Shoes

Sara medium heeled flapper shoes

Sara medium heeled, flapper shoes

flapper style Ava wedding shoes

Makeup and Updos

Avoid drinking a lot of liquids with caffeine during the days leading up to your wedding. Many women experience swelling when pregnant, so adequate hydration is key. Drink plenty of water, but avoid sugary beverages. Be sure to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
When doing your makeup, accentuate your best features using natural or pastel colors. Go for soft curls or gentle waves in your hair. Avoid tight updos and sharp lines.

Wedding Menu

Good nutrition is vital during pregnancy. When planning your wedding menu, select homemade juices without added sugar and non-carbonated beverages. Water with lemon or lime wedges is both classy and natural.
As far as food, choose main courses that use lean meat or white fish. Stay away from smoked meats and fried food. Fruits, whether fresh or dried, are a much healthier substitute for candy and cake.

Other Suggestions

Be sure that your wedding car has a fully functioning air conditioning or heater, according to your climate. Make your photo shoot as easy and stress-free as possible. Take all of your pictures in one location, rather than walking far and spending too much time on your feet. Let your friends, family members and wedding party attend to all of your needs. This day should be fun and relaxing for you!
As both a radiant bride and glowing mom-to-be, you want to keep your baby happy and healthy on this memorable day.

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