How to Make Your Wedding Dress Last Forever

by Karen

How to Make Your Wedding Dress Last Forever

Your wedding dress is often the most expensive and delicate garment you will ever own. While plenty of care is taken before the big day, after the honeymoon is over it can be easy to shove your gown to the back closet and completely forget about it. Unfortunately, doing so can result in permanent damage to your favorite fashion heirloom. To ensure that your wedding dress looks beautiful for years to come, proper dress preservation and storage is key. Without it, your beautiful white dress can be subject to yellowing fabric, unsightly oxidation spots, and the growth of molds and mildews. Luckily, these wedding dress preservation tips will keep your gown spotless and ensure it remains gorgeous for generations to come.

Keep it Clean

Many brides push off getting their dress cleaned until weeks after the wedding. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to get your gown cleaned, the more damage can be done. Often, wedding gowns are far too delicate to be cleaned within a standard washing machine. Taking it to a trained cleaning expert ensures that every stain is addressed and removed – even the ones that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Ensuring that your dress is thoroughly cleaned is a great first step in the dress preservation process.

Proper Storage

Properly storing your gown is perhaps the best way to ensure it stays beautiful forever. Because sunlight can discolor white or ivory fabrics, it is best to store your gown in a cool, dry, a dark place, like a closet or under a bed. It is also best not to store your bridal gown on hanger long term – the garment’s heavy skirt can cause a dress to become misshapen over time. It is important to remember that storing your wedding dress in a plastic bag can cause irreparable damage, as regular plastics hold in moisture that can cause permanent discoloration. Instead, opt for an airtight wedding dress preservation box, which has been specially designed with acid-free materials. Then, store it in a cool and dry place where it will be safe from the elements.

Additional Tips

When handling your wedding gown, wearing gloves ensure that no oils are transferred on to the delicate fabric. At the very least, be sure to wash your hands before touching the fabric to ensure no excess dirt or oils are present. For storage, fold your dress and place it within an acid-free tissue paper or muslin. While it can be easy to opt for standard, colored tissue paper, the dyes can bleed on to your dress and stain the fabric over time. When folding your dress, be sure to layer paper between the folds so that no unwanted creasing occurs. Also, pad the bodice and sleeves with paper so that they keep their shape during storage. To keep your dress extra fresh, adding silica packets helps maintain the integrity of the fabric for long periods of time. When storing, never place your gown in a moist area like a basement, attic, or garage. Also, checking on your gown every few years allows you to keep an eye on its condition, ensuring that your gown remains as gorgeous as it was on the day you said “I Do.”

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