Dress Like a Celebrity: Sara Ramirez

by Karen

From what I have read in your comments, you would like to see more women of average size and more diversity. Well, I am excited to write about a truly beautiful woman this week. For our Dress Like a Celebrity series this time around, we honor Sara Ramirez. Ramirez has a brilliant sense of style and I wanted to share her love of life with you all. Ramirez is a lovely plus sized actress of Latina dissent. She is curvy and loves her body. And she looks great in everything. This is partly from her confidence in herself. How many of us, in our late thirties and beyond can say we have this much self esteem. Really, look at that picture. It makes me want to go out and get some super sexy lingerie; even if I won't be posing for the public. Her body shape is in the hourglass spectrum. This is why she can wear the black jumpsuit or the gorgeous red strapless gown seen below. She would look great in any article of clothing that clearly shows off her waist and accentuates her bosom. Those are her greatest assets. She was born in Mexico in 1975 as, Sara Elena Ramirez. Not only is she an actress on stage and screen, but she is a singer and songwriter too. You must checkout her rendition of “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. Her voice is absolutely magnificent. And Carlile’s lyrics are so beautiful. You probably recognize her most from her role as Dr. Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon, on the hit television show, Grey’s Anatomy. Ramirez plays the wife of Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy, but in real life she is married to Ryan Debolt, a business analyst. They are still in their newlywed stage, having only tied the knot two and a half years ago. Ramirez is a graduate of Julliard and is also a Tony Award winning stage actress. She has been in many musicals on and off Broadway including SPAMALOT, where she plays the Lady of the Lake, for which she won the Tony. In the picture to the left, Ramirez's figure is flattering in this black jumpsuit with satin lapels. What do you think about the look? She is an advocate and supporter of gay rights and reports she will be until the day she dies. You have probably seen her in GLAAD’s public service announcements. Ramirez has also participated in the Hearth Truth fashion show, a benefit that brings awareness to women’s heart disease.

The 2015 season of Grey's Anatomy is already in full swing. Don't miss an episode. See Sara Ramirez on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. central).

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