How to Dress Edwardian

Ladies, what about Downton Abbey do you NOT like? If you’re anything like us, this Edwardian style is one of the most fantastic, the most exciting, and infinitely beautiful. While summer pairs well with shorts and tank tops, we prefer to find those lovely flowing gowns that go from afternoon picnic to summer eve wedding with class. If you want to dress Edwardian, take a couple tried and true hints that will make or break your style. Ready? I sure hope so. Here we go. Downton Abbey Edwarian Style for Everyday Life

Make the Dress Count

While there are many replicas of other era styles, the Edwardian style is certainly nothing to mess with. Whether you want that dinner allure or you’re looking for the dress to walk across the lawn I the afternoon heat, don’t forget that it all begins with the dress. It should have the design and elements of translucent sleeves, layered fabric, and a proper demeanor. If you ask us, we’d be sure to be the first to tell you – the right dress can be your go-to EVERYTHING for years to come.
Make the Dress Count Make the Dress Count

Length is Important

An authentic Edwardian dress needs certain elements. If you look for nothing else, search for that antique length that is not blooming from the hips (like a 40’s and 50’s tea length) but fitted to the ankle or just above. This one detail will make your dress go from voom to va-va-voom in a blink.
Length is Important Length is Important

Find the Details

You should do a little research before you make the final decision, and it lies in the details. DO you like the embroidery? Do you like the beaded Gothic tendencies of an Edwardian dinner gown? What do you like about this era that keeps you coming back? We’re not gonna lie, you may just want to make that next episode of Downton Abbey your research for your next excursion.

Fancy is Better

The Edwardian era is nothing if it isn’t fancy. The Victorian age pressed heavily on eras in front and back and carry dramatic elements. While you may not purchase an authentic antique dress, you should focus on the decadent and beautiful elements that have carried from the era. Beading? Yes. Embroidery? Yes. Delicate threading? Yes, yes please. Nothing can make your dress press the issue like an Edwardian.
Fancy is Better Fancy is Better

Dress for the Occasion

Consider the occasion you are planning. A costume party may carry a dinner Edwardian dress or a cocktail flapper-esque design. Shorter, flirty. Or you’re attending a wedding. Maybe you’ve made plans for an engagement photo shoot and you want the vintage feel. Whatever event, make sure that it’s appropriate for that era. Nothing is more authentic than that.
Dress for the Occasion Dress for the Occasion

Find Little Extras

One costume faux-pa that we see often is the lack of legitimate jewelry and accessories. A true vintage fanatic will find and follow these elements to a “T.” These may seem like minimal issues, but when considering the Edwardian era, you shouldn’t skimp on the accessories. Make that old kitten heel pay its worth. Find an old archaic necklace that will match the outfit and take the details to extreme. Find those elements that make your Edwardian style take its true effect. While modern trends come and go, taking this vintage love to its extreme makes you both classy and daring in your endeavors.

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