DIY Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

by Karen

Opening a box full of old cards from your mother's attic always felt magical. Those intricate lace paper adorned with pearls, bows and gold leaf held the charm and classic beauty of another era. For many brides who are planning their dream weddings, their choices will reflect their love of vintage style and the memories they have of daydreaming about a time when finery was widely appreciated. For this reason, more and more companies are offering vintage themed wedding items, such as decor, apparel and paper crafts- however, these items can be very pricey and may not reflect the bride's individual taste. For this reason, choosing to make your own DIY vintage style wedding invitations is a great way to save money and get in touch with your personal style. 

Whether you're experienced at crafting or starting a project for the first time, you can make your own vintage styled wedding invitations with the right supplies, time and inspiration. To begin, think about the era that speaks to you the most. If you're not certain, do some research on wedding trends from the first part of the century. The images you see may inspire your design or get the gears in your mind turning to form an original idea. Once you've decided on a basic theme, head down to the craft store, because it's time to shop! If you're stuck on what to buy, here are some great vintage styled options that can accent your wedding invitation and make it look gorgeous. Remember, if you want to go all out, you may need special mailers for your invitations!

  1. Pearls
  2. Feathers
  3. Brooches
  4. Vintage charms
  5. Lace
  6. Intricate die-cut paper
  7. Scrapbook paper with vintage style patterns
  8. Card stock
For an invitation that's easy to make and mail, affix a piece of vintage-patterned scrapbook paper to a 5x7 piece of card stock. Trim the edges with a pair of edging scissors, a craft tool designed to create elegant edges on your projects. Another piece of trimmed card stock affixed to the center of the paper will feature the text for your invitation- it's up to you if you decide to print this or write it out, but if you're writing, do so before you attach the second piece of card stock so any accidental mistakes don't waste materials. Consider a calligraphy pen for a thoroughly elegant look. When you're done, accent your invitation with a strand of faux pearls, a feather or a small, flat brooch-style charm attached carefully with a minimal amount of hot glue. Voila- a gorgeous, DIY vintage-styled wedding invitation! When you're crafting, there are a few tools that will come in handy in styling your vintage invitations. Whether you have them on hand or pick them up, it would be handy to have these tools nearby during your creation. They include:
  1. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  2. Edging scissors, such as a scallop cutter
  3. A ruler or yardstick
  4. A corkboard and tacks (never stab the paper, only hold it in place with a tack frame)
  5. A calligraphy pen
Of course, vintage style is more than just Victorian roses and pearls. If you're a fan of the 50s and 60s, bright colors and groovy patterns might be just your speed! Consider something a little out there, like a heart or bird shaped invitation to evoke the fun free spirit of the 1960s. A tiny floral pattern with colors like coral and avocado would make the invitation on trend yet lend a distinctly vintage air to your project. Geometric patterns with bright colors are also a perfect choice. In the end, what matters most is that your vintage-styled wedding invitation evokes a sense of who you are both individually and who you and your future spouse are as a couple. Shop carefully to choose the materials for your invitations, and you are sure to come away with a gorgeous finished product that will be lovingly saved and admired by many generations to come.

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