DIY Flower Flapper Headpiece

by Karen

Gatsby wouldn't be Gatsby if it weren't set in the 1920s. Everything in that world was about style and flash, and what a glamorous time it was! When creating your own 20s flapper ensemble keep in mind that the fashion of the 1920s was all about fringe, sparkle, over-sized flowers and jewels, and adorable head wear. Looking at old photos you will not see a woman without a little cloche hat, elaborate headpiece, or colorful headband. Jeweled or ribbon bands that swept across the forehead and had a brilliantly bold feather, flower, or jeweled piece attached were the perfect accent to a party outfit. Putting together your own diy flower flapper headpiece is simple with a few supplies and easy-to-follow instructions. The best part of this diy project is that you can easily add your unique flair to the headpiece.  Supplies you will need:
  • ribbon or wide hair clip
  • statement flower
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • needle and thread
Optional supplies and add ons:
  • jeweled or fancy elastic headband
  • jeweled bracelet or necklace
  • gems from a craft store
  • jeweled broach
  • small fake flowers

Instructions for creating a simple 20s headband: Measure the ribbon around your head at the level you want the headband to rest. For a dramatic look that works well with curly hair take the ribbon across the middle of the forehead to the back of the head. For a softer look, like Carey Mulligan in the Gatsby film, angle the ribbon above the hairline and bring together in the back just above the nape of the neck. Overlap the ribbon an inch or so and cut. Looking in the mirror mark where you want to attach the flower with a pen. Typically on 20s headpieces the embellishment was on the side of the forehead to the outside of one of the eyes, although some pieces feature an embellishment in the center of the forehead or behind the ear. Lying the ribbon flat on a covered surface use the hot glue gun to attach the large flower. Let dry, then sew together the ends of the ribbon. Attach to your hair with bobby pins. Feel free to add bling to your diy flower flapper headpiece in the form of jewels or any of our suggested add ons. Here are a few tips. If you prefer to use a jeweled necklace or bracelet or elastic headband as the base still use a small bit of ribbon in attaching the flower. Place the ribbon behind the band, add a generous amount of glue, and attach the flower on top. This will make the flower attachment more secure - you don't want it flying off as you are dancing the Charleston! Or create an elegant hairpiece like this with hair clips, several bloom of artificial flowers, and a glue gun. Keep it 20s by the angle of the piece.

Chiffon Rose Cluster Clip in White

 After detaching the pin, glue a jeweled broach to the center of a wide flower for extra sparkle. Carefully add gems to the ribbon to keep the piece cohesive. Whether you are attending a 1920s themed party, looking for an eye catching headpiece to wear on your wedding day, or just want to bring back the glamour of that wild era, a diy flower flapper headpiece will set you apart from the crowd. What do you think of this diy project? Send us a picture of your headpiece. Check out our other diy suggestions, such as the post about how to make vintage wedding invitations, on the blog.

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