"Day to night" dresses by Nataya

by Karen

We are delighted to inform you that most of the dresses from Nataya’s Spring collection are already on sale. We'll begin with recent reviews about some special day-to-night dresses taken from the new Spring 2013 and classic collections.
Many ladies are looking for these featured dresses. The dresses are very versatile and can be worn a number of ways. Experiment with different accessories, shoes, makeup and hairstyles to make this model appropriate for daytime dates and business lunches. These elegant dresses are also an excellent choice if you want to attend a wedding, whether you're a bridesmaid or a guest, or are dropping by the evening party.
By the way, you may have noticed the new collections of accessories on our site. We are excited to inform you that the collections will keep growing, allowing you to pick up any item for any type of occasion!
Let’s get started:
The first dress we would love to present is the empire dress available in beige/lavender or charcoal/berry color combos. Pair this dress with a little clutch with a long strap, plus mini or midi heels, for a daytime date or meeting with your best friends in a cafe near the harbor. This dress is also wonderful for evening dates, flapper-style parties, and after-dusk wedding ceremonies if you style your hair with a special jewelry comb, wear a choker and apply eye makeup in a smoky or cat-eye style. Also, the evening variation mentioned above looks lovely for a matinee or an initial night at the cinema or theater.
Up next is the ecru dress with an empire waist. A hat with a wide brim, preferably in cream, plus a simple medium-sized bag, neck piece, and casual pumps make you ready to go to any restaurant on the beach, yacht promenade or informal business lunch. But wait! if you wear the same style with either a choker or a long string of pearls, style your hair into waves of an updo, use floral clips, and apply evening makeup, you will get the true cocktail look for a not-so-businesslike date in the evening!
The next lavender baby-doll dress is perfect for junior gals. All you need are shoes and a tote to be ready for car or yacht promenades, long walks in the countryside, and daytime dates. But if you take a wristlet or clutch, slik your hair back or style it into a bob, wear high-heeled pumps, and apply evening makeup, you will definitely fall in love with the evening party look and versatility of the baby-doll dress by Nataya.
Let us now discuss the new collection by Nataya. The following bestselling style, known as the art-deco dress in bronze, is another perfect dress in the day-to-night category. You don't need accessories, just a wide-brimmed hat and a little clutch, to create the perfect look for promenades and daytime restaurants, as well as informal business meetings. If you wear a pair of high-heeled sandals in a dark bronze shade with a long string of bronze jewels, then apply smoky eye makeup in chocolate or bronze shades, you will be ready for any type of evening occasion.
The following dress is one of the most eye-catching pieces in the collection! This pure coral dress is truly a day-to-night model. Simple day makeup and a wide brimmed hat with a bowler-style bag will look beautiful on you for daytime occasions like business lunches, yacht promenades, and weddings. If you want a party-appropriate style, apply cat-eye makeup and glossy coral lipstick, mold your hair into flapper-style waves, and wear wide bracelets with coral pumps. This is the perfect style for all types of evening occasions.
The vintage-inspired dress in navy is splendid for junior gals and daytime dates. All you need are midi heels, simple natural makeup, and casual waves. As for the evening variation, the best essentials are as follows:
• Smoky eye in dark blue or cyan
• Dark flapper-style lipstick and flapper-style makeup
• A wristlet in deep blue with embroidery, if possible
• High heel pumps in dark blue, preferably with a suede base
• Trendy flapper-inspired waves
• Hair clips with peacock feathers
The midi black dress inspired by the best of Eliza Schiaparelli’s features and designed by Nataya is the ultimate black dress. The dress is great for daytime affairs, such as informal business lunches or meetings with friends. Keep your makeup natural, but apply a ruby lipstick to your lips, if desired. As for accessories, take a wristlet, hobo, or tote bag, as these are the most suitable ones. This dress looks extra fashionable if you wear a birdcage veil with either a hat or fascinator, apply a cat-eye or smoky-eye, and wear satin pump heels. The clutch with the onyx brooch will complete your look.
Finally, we cannot help but mention the Othelia dress in ruby. This perfect dress may be your best daytime piece if you wear ruby lipstick and apply black mascara - no accessories! As for the evening style, you have plenty of freedom when it comes to hair, makeup, and accessories. You may wear cat-eye or smoky-eye makeup, boho-style makeup, flapper-style hats or hats inspired by the 1940s, headbands with or without fascinators, and pump heels in deep ruby shades.
We are happy and excited to introduced to the most beautiful day-to-night dresses designed by Nataya and hope you enjoy wearing them, wherever in the world you ma be.

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