Cyber guidance for all fashionistas

by Karen

The convenience of ecommerce was praised by fashionistas all over the world. The number of ebay-like resources grew in number, inspired by the ease and convenience of this form of shopping. By allowing us all to can quickly find the necessary goods, clothing items and accessories without the need for horrible shopping marathons, it allowed us all to make the best use of our time, especially when the affair is quite near and finding the right gown or accessories is not as easy as going to the local grocery store. Cyber shopping is enjoying oneself without having to listen to know-it-all consultants or many boring trips to the dressing room. Yet, for those of us who are very familiar our size and measurements, the process of selecting that perfectly fitting gown is slightly easier. Even thought the retailers’ profits depend on satisfied customers, it’s the customers’ job to know which item of clothing will fit without any problems. Another advantage of cyber shopping is obvious: your spouse will always know what you want as a Christmas present. As many of us know dragging our one and only into a boutique not a pleasant proposition for anyone, let alone a block of stores. But armed with a laptop, all you need is to come up to your dear husband, point and say “I want this”. Oftentimes the prices in shops in cyber are much lower than those in boutiques. The real stores have to rent big storefronts and warehouses whereas the cyber shops may send you the necessary gown or set next morning. If you made a successful transaction once you will hardly refuse to buy something new from the coming collection. To find suitable gowns or dresses immediately, it’s not recommended search for common phrases like “vintage jackets” on search engines. Be specific and know what you want, using phrases like “velvet vintage style jackets” or “velvet flapper style jackets” instead. Such requests will increase the probability of finding the perfect sets for your wardrobe.  You should always read the shipping terms and conditions. For example, Wardrobeshop uses the USPS system which is really great for domestic shipping! But even if you live far away and are extremely afraid of transoceanic purchases the same system will transfer your dress (usually) within 6 days! And if you are a non-native English speaker or English is not even your second language, you can always use the Google Translator to find your necessary goods. Another reason for why cyber shopping costs less than European Shopping tours. If you want to pay less for your clothes and shoes, then follow these simple tips:

  1. Create a list of necessary purchases for the coming season, or better for the coming year. Our advanced customers use Google Spreadsheets for this purpose. The number of online stores is great, and the number of clothing items is even greater, which can be very dangerous, often resulting in the purchase of unnecessary items. It is better to decide exactly which clothing items you want to buy, for example, “bohemian top”, “bohemian dresses”, “bohemian trouser sets” etc, before embarking on an a search romp in cyberspace. If you decided that titanic dresses are not your style and your style is definitely Bohemian, track the lines and stores that sell specifically what you are looking for with bookmarks to these pages. It is quite easy to bookmark your Nataya beloved dresses using the Kaboodle bookmarking options.
  2. Many of us gals classify our clothing into several different lists. But in reality, all we need is to create only two lists: the casual wear list and the official or evening lists. When creating such lists you should always keep in mind what you can wear every day and what you plan to wear, let’s say, for a Mardi Gras Inspired party. Here is an idea for what I call the “7 sets of clothes”, which is considered the easiest way to pick up out your casual wardrobe. Schedule 7 sets for each season. So combining spring wear with summer you will have even more clothes than you planned. But this trick works mostly with casual sets, not with evening gowns.
  3. Create a list of your beloved clothing stores by bookmarking each site and don’t forget to include on the list of your favorites! Put this list into a spreadsheet as it will save you a ton of time when searching for a certain gown for a specific occasion.
  4. Another good idea is to maintain a list of your sizes for each brand and check your sizes regularly so you purchase only the items that fit perfectly. If you have grave doubts about your size, you can consult your tailor or put on the dress of fashions and silhouettes in the nearest clothing store to make sure they fit perfectly.
  5. There are no special rules for seasonal shopping. For example, some stores may offer only limited offers or discounts on limited lines of clothing, in this occasion; you will hardly find the same model or color on sale elsewhere. Or, for example, when the model is being sold for several years and is still available, rest assured you can resell it on ebay as a vintage item if it doesn’t fit, sometimes even at a higher price than what you bought it for. The truly worthy vintage or vintage inspired styles exist for much more than just a couple of years, this is their quality.
We hope you found these simple shopping tips easy to follow and are well well on your way to a happy cyber shopping experience!

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