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Sophisticated, enchanting, elegant, whimsical, romantic, sexy, classic; these are all ways to describe the gowns and accessories at Whether looking for something from the Titanic Era of fashion from the early 1900s or the Great Gatsby Era of the 1920s or a hat in the styling of Kate Middleton in today’s era or a prom dress for your high schooler with great fashion sense, your search has never been easier. This couture dress shop includes designers from around the world including Inga Nataya, Sue Wong, and Louisa Voisine.


Inga Nataya, from Uzbekistan originally, has designed vintage inspired wedding gowns of chiffon, delicate lace, and tulle since an early age. Here is one of her most beautiful wedding dresses. It is available in mauve or ivory with elegant detailing, corset-like tie back, and a wistful flow. Her designs don’t stop at the altar, however. She is greatly inspired by the early 1900s, up through the end of the 1930s. Beautiful prints, embellishments, and perfect waistlines are key to her designs. Nataya’s collections even include coats for over that perfect dress. Nataya has studios located in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, and in New Zealand.
Vintage inspired white wedding dresses Inga Nataya
Vintage inspired dress in black
 Inga Nataya


From glamorous cocktail dresses, to long-slimming prom gowns, to beaded flappers; Sue Wong designs them all. No matter what style you are seeking, you can find it. Wong’s inspiration runs from the 1920s through the 1970s and has been worn by many celebrities. Her designs incorporate beads, lace, feathers, and intricate embroidery for the most savvy fashion conscience looks.
Sue Wong Cocktail Dresses 
Sue Wong
Sue Wong vintage inspired cocktail dress 
Sue Wong


Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of the United Kingdom, has set the bar pretty high where fashion of yesteryear is concerned. She sports the most stylish hats and fascinators not usually seen outside of a horse racetrack. But, in doing so, designers like Louisa Voisine are becoming hot. Sensational head coverings are becoming a must have and this designer is one of the best. If you are looking for a large-brimmed polly hat, a feathered headband, or a delicate felt fascinator; this millinery has it all. As an exquisite example, this Lady Laura hat will dazzle.
Louisa Voisine Millinery Hat
Louisa Voisine Millinery
Vintage Inspired Louisa Voisine Hat 
Louisa Voisine


Get the look you want at a store that caters to you. The store has so much to offer. It is more than just dresses. Imaging shoes to match nearly every outfit; jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces; hair combs; and delicate shawls and warm coats; are here for your complete outfit. All of your bridal needs can be found right here as well. From wedding styled boots, to crystal for your ears or hair, to the perfect veil to go with your dress. It really is a one-stop-shop.
Victorian Bridal Pearl Necklace Vintage Inspired
Vintage Accessories
Cowboy Princess Romantic Bridal Boots 
Vintage Accessories
Vintage Inspired White Headband 
Vintage Accessories

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