Choosing the Perfect Second Wedding Dress

by Karen

A new start. A second chance at happiness. A second wedding is so much more than everyone makes it out to be. And it is up to you to celebrate this life-changing moment in whatever way you want. 

You can go for anything — a big, fat wedding, an intimate celebration, a destination wedding, a traditional dress, or an unconventional choice. The choices are endless! 

But the truth is, a wedding is always harder on a bride because she already has quite a lot on her plate. However, there is one thing we can take off yours, and that is choosing the perfect dress for you. 

What Does a Bride Wear for a 2nd Wedding?

Are the pre-wedding jitters getting to you? Let's try to ease them a bit by discussing what brides usually wear for their second wedding. And the answer is: anything. 

The rules and expectations for second-wedding brides have eased up quite a bit. So, feel free to personalize your dress as much as you want and go for one that matches your personality — whether it shines like a diamond or makes you look like a princess.  

What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear? 

You don't need to go for a white gown anymore — unless that’s what you want. But your choice depends on the kind of look you are going for. Here are some looks you can experiment with:

Beautiful bride wearing a vintage wedding dress in white

    Traditional Look

      If you want to stay a bit traditional and are looking for an elegant look, you can go for casual second wedding dresses made from chiffon, silk, or organza. You can even go for tulle or taffeta covered with sequins or embroidery.

      Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from getting as much lace as you want. It’s your wedding. 

      Vintage second wedding dress

        Casual Look

          If you’re looking for a dress that’s understated and not too on-the-nose, our full-skirted wedding dresses are just the thing for you. Made from flowy fabrics that hug you and flow over just the right places, our dresses are beauty with grace. 

          Plus, from the Parisienne Vintage Elegance Gown to the Delillah Vintage-inspired Wedding Dress, there’s something for everyone! So, whether you’re looking for a vintage gown or a modern dress, you won’t go empty-handed.  

          Vintage second wedding dresses for older bride

            Just-for-You Look 

              If you’re an older bride and want to express your own style, get a dress that makes you happy. There’s no need to settle. And with our collection of sequined maxi dresses to ruched and pleated gorgeousness, you’ll find something for you. 

              But if you’re out of ideas, let’s explore some second wedding dresses for older brides:

              • Sleek, cap sleeve gown with webbed lace
              • Simple and flowy lace gown that hugs you in the right places
              • Sequined gown with flared sleeves and a body-hugging silhouette. 

              How Do You Make a Second Wedding Special?

              Vintage second wedding dress

              A second wedding is your chance to do away with non-traditional wedding expectations. So, make that bold choice you were too shy to go for the first time around. Or add that personal touch to your dress that seemed too risky when you were younger. 

              Remember: you can make this occasion even more special by helping you pick the perfect dress. So, choose the dress that fits your personality, and if you do that, whatever choice you make will make you feel like a million bucks. 

              Follow what your heart says, be it a traditional white gown or a non-traditional mini skirt; wear what feels right to you and your partner. 

              Moreover, embracing color will make your second wedding much more special and add meaning to it. Let’s look into how you can do that when it comes to choosing a second wedding dress.

              What Color Do Brides Wear for a Second Wedding?

              What Color Do Brides Wear for a Second Wedding?

              No color is off-limits for you at a second wedding. Whether it is a younger bride shopping for her second wedding dress or a designer selecting a color palette for second wedding dresses over 50, brides of all ages and sizes can experiment with different colors. 

              But if you had to, which color tones can you go for at your second wedding? 

              If you really want to stand out, go for black or red. It will give you a sultry, unusual, and pick-me-up look. But if you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional look, choose soft neutrals like pink, beige, soft blues and oranges, champagne, jewel tones, and yellow tones. 

              Plus, if you know a color that makes you look good, such as pink, red, or white, go for it. It’s your time to shine!  

              Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Second Wedding Dress

              Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Second Wedding Dress

              You should choose a wedding dress that not only complements you and your figure but also makes you feel comfy. It should allow you to move about and enjoy your special day with your significant other. So, skin-tight bodysuits or scratchy lace is a no-no. 

              And while you’re at it, make sure the color you choose flatters your size and suits your skin tone. There’s nothing worse than looking like a ghost at your own wedding. So, make your second wedding a special occasion for yourself and your loved ones. Do what makes you happy. 

              Where to Buy a Bridal Gown for a Second Marriage?

              Where to Buy a Bridal Gown for a Second Marriage?

              As you get older, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to find the perfect wedding guest dress as a mature woman. But here's the thing: embracing your body and feeling comfy in your skin is what matters most. This means finding a dress that fits you well and flatters your figure.

              If there are certain areas of your body that you feel a bit self-conscious about, don't worry! At WardrobeShop, we offer dozens of wedding dresses that help minimize those areas or draw attention elsewhere.

              Take a look at our collection. We’re confident you'll find a dress that not only fits you like a dream but also makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. And when you feel like a queen, you’re setting yourself up for an amazing wedding experience!

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