Choosing The Perfect Casual Wedding Dress

by Karen

Choosing The Perfect Casual Wedding Dress

Weddings don’t have to be over-the-top to be special. In fact, there are more and more brides-to-be who are planning a more intimate gathering to celebrate their nuptials. Just because a wedding is small and casual, however, doesn’t mean it can’t also be exquisite. There are plenty of vintage-inspired ensembles from WardrobeShop that will perfectly complement your aesthetic and elevate the look of your casual wedding. Here are vintage-inspired wedding looks that will perfectly complement any type of casual wedding.

An Intimate Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular with every passing year. Often held on the property of a close friend or family member, these breathtaking outdoor affairs combine the beauty of nature with the convenience of home. Simply rent some chairs, set up some tables, and even add a billowing white tent in case of inclement conditions. Backyard weddings are the type of casual event that wedding day dreams are made of.

The Dress

New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya

For a low-key look that will perfectly align with a relaxed environment, find an effortless white gown that channels the beauty of the Edwardian Age. This stylish, Titanic-era dress from Nataya is made of lightweight fabric that is trimmed with luxurious lace accents. The effortless cut and breezy silhouette make it perfect for any outdoor wedding on a warm summer evening. It will keep the bride comfortable while also allowing her to look her very best.

The Accessories

1920s Style Long Feather Fascinator in White
Vintage Style Lace Wrist Gloves in White
Victorian Inspired Leather & Lace Boots in White

A period-appropriate fascinator will put a bridal twist on this casual wedding dress. While an old fashioned necklace or earrings set is of course appropriate, don’t shy away from fun accessories like dainty white gloves for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Pointy heels won’t be appropriate for this type of event - instead, opt for a boot with a stacked heel so that you don’t have to worry about sinking into the grass.

A Casual Courthouse Wedding

There’s something simply charming about a courthouse wedding. The idea itself exudes a sense of practicality that is often missing from large, over-designed weddings. If you are thinking of opting for a courthouse wedding but want to ensure the day is still special, consider adding a few traditional touches. A photographer to take photos after the “I Do’s” will allow you to remember the day forever. To celebrate, grab some friends and family and hit up a fancy lunch locale near the courthouse afterwards.

Casual Wedding infographic

The Dress

Carrie Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya

The slightly “untraditional” nature of a courthouse wedding is even better when paired with a wedding dress with more traditional elements. This exquisite wedding dress from Nataya is both romantic and timeless. Lighter-than-air fabric and an uneven hemline add drama and dimension to this breezy wedding day look. It’s relaxed nature makes it perfect for a casual courthouse wedding.

The Accessories

Prim 1940s Veil in White

Pearl Wedding

Earrings with Rhinestone Fireballs

Pearl Wedding Necklace with Rhinestone Fireballs

To infuse your look with even more vintage elegance, find a hair accessory that perfectly aligns with your old fashioned aesthetic. A classic fascinator is a great alternative to a traditional veil, which would feel out of place in a courthouse setting. Top the entire look off with pearls for a timeless touch that won’t distract from your uniquely elegant wedding ensemble.

A Small (Yet Rowdy) Soiree

Let’s get one thing straight - a small wedding doesn’t have to mean a subdued wedding. If you, your partner, and your closest friends & family love to have a roaring good time, there’s no reason to miss out just because you want to keep your wedding small. It doesn’t matter if you plan on hosting a casual wedding at a local watering hole or just dancing the night away with a few fun friends - a small, rowdy soiree is a great way to celebrate forever.

The Dress

Roaring Twenties Inspired Dress in White

If your casual wedding day is centered around having the most fun possible, channel the free-spirited nature of the 1920s. A short wedding dress inspired by the fashionable flappers from the Roaring Twenties will look perfect at this type of event. The short hemline will keep your look fun and fresh while also allowing you to get down on the dance floor.

The Accessories

Vintage Inspired Flapper Headband in Cream

Roaring Twenties Pearl Necklace

Roxy 1920s Flapper Shoes in Gold

Forget traditional accessories like gloves and a veil - those will be too formal for this type of event. Instead, take inspiration from fun-loving flappers and adorn your up-do with a sparkling headband instead. Then, add glittering Art Deco jewelry or even a strand of pearls. Just make sure you select comfortable shoes that allow you to show off your dance moves.

A Relaxed Woodland Wedding

There’s something incredibly romantic about getting married in the great outdoors. For a casual wedding with a rustic feel, consider getting married in the beauty of nature. No matter if you opt for a privately owned woodland setting or take advantage of a breathtaking National Park, you’ll find there are plenty of outdoor spots that will allow you to say your vows under a canopy of trees. Embracing natural elements - like using wildflowers in your bouquet - will keep costs low and give the entire event an earthy feel that will result in a whimsical wedding celebration.

The Dress

Great Gatsby Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya

There’s an ethereal element to this Nataya wedding dress that perfectly matches the effortless elegance of a woodland wedding. Inspired by the glamorous 1920s, it maintains an understated quality that will pair perfectly with an outdoor venue. The floral accent at the center will also perfectly complement any celebration with a slightly rustic aesthetic.

The Accessories

1920s Feather Fascinator in White

Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Nectar Rustic

Faux Fur Bridal Wrap with Ivory Cream Fox

The lightweight nature of this dress calls for equally effortless accessories. A simple fascinator or hair accessory will keep this look low-key. If you plan on traversing uneven terrain on your wedding day, opt for bridal boots with a vintage-inspired look - they’re pretty but also provide protection against the elements. And because the great outdoors and unpredictable weather conditions go hand-in-hand, keep an old fashioned fur shawl on hand in case blustery winds or chilly temperatures show up uninvited.

A Staycation Wedding at a Historic Bed & Breakfast

This type of wedding puts a fun twist on your typical elopement. If you want the loveliness of a wedding without a big crowd, consider finding a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast in your area. Often, these types of places can only house a limited number of guests. Plus, they typically are no strangers to hosting small parties or gatherings. See if you can find a charming B&B that your friends & family can rent out for an entire weekend. Then, celebrate your wedding weekend with a fabulous staycation surrounded by your loved ones.

The Dress

Victoria Vintage Style Party Gown in Ivory by Nataya

Throwing your wedding celebration at a historic home is sure to make you feel like an heiress from an old fashioned romance novel. A gorgeous gown that borrows design elements from the Edwardian Era will make you feel like you stepped out of a scene in “Downton Abbey.” This elegant Nataya gown has a relaxed fit that is perfect for an intimate gathering. With that said, feminine design elements like intricate embroidery and sheer sleeves give it a lighter-than-air quality that will ensure you always feel like a bride.

The Accessories

Graceful in Lace Lady Mary Gloves in White

Downton Abbey Crystal Baguette Necklace

Vintage Inspired Bridal Ruffled Lace Parasol in White

The upscale elegance of a casual yet classy wedding allows you to have fun with your accessories and accoutrements. Gloves will put an unexpected twist on your wedding day look, while exquisite pieces of jewelry will add luxury to your low-key look. A parasol or other statement accessory also makes for fabulous wedding photos.

An At-Home Wedding Potluck

If you’re a bride who doesn’t like being the center of attention, a casual potluck with close friends and family members is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding. An old fashioned take on a traditional wedding day, open your home for a fun, low-key fete that will keep you feeling relaxed the entire time. Just because the wedding is laidback doesn’t mean it can’t also be romantic - clear a space in your living room to exchange vows before getting back to the party.

The Dress

Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Quartz by Nataya

Who says that the bride has to wear white? In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for brides to wear their finest frock - no matter what color it happened to be. For an at-home wedding with a casual feel, don’t be afraid to wear a dress of a different color. This beautiful blush dress is filled with exquisite details that will ensure you still look special even without having to wear a big white dress.

The Accessories

Downton Abbey Teardrop Necklace

Victorian Inspired Rose Print Drop Earrings

Jacqueline 1940s Hair Comb in Gold

An untraditional wedding dress allows plenty of room for fabulous accessories. Find vintage-inspired jewelry to glam up the look and ensure all eyes are on you. Adorn your up-do with a classic hair comb to keep everything elegant and vintage-inspired in design.

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