How to choose wedding earrings for the brides

by Karen

Earrings are the perfect accessory item for any season. They can provide a perfect retro fleur to your overall look, but only if you chose the right ones. Earrings, especially vintage styled or true vintage items, will never go out of vogue! Every bride should know that when choosing the earrings she should take into account the figure, the size and the shape of her ears! Also take into account the makeup and the color of your vintage wedding gown! Most likely, you already know that gems in your rings should correlate with the color of your gown or at least amplify your dress with the biggest gems. The same goes for gems in your earrings. But the lady should also take into account the type of face she has. As the type of figure should be taken into account when choosing a dress for both regular and plus sizes, the same thing can be said about the face type and the earrings. So let’s take a closer look at a few easy to pull off tips.  


The round face

Those gals with round faces should wear long and thin earrings to balance the facial features. Yet, the earrings must not be flat. “Drop”-shaped, oval, rectangular, triangular and even square-shaped earrings will be a successful choice. The wrong choice is stud earrings. The classical types of round face gals are Drew Barrymore, Christina Ricci and Kate Winslet.

The oval type of the face

Wake up and say “wow”! Your type is an ideal match for any type of earrings. You can make tons of experiments with the shape and style of your earrings. Stud, drops, pears – everything will go with your face. Take into account only the main color of the dress. However, you should remember to avoid wearing earrings that are too thin and too long. The classic examples of oval faced gals are Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman.

The heart shaped face

The best earrings for such ladies are these: classical triangle, drops, candelabrum, and pyramid shaped earrings. Oval rings with a big gem near the apex point will also go. But you should avoid ordinary rings and stud earrings. The pretty faces of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are the classic examples of the heart-shaped face.

The square shaped face

Long drops and large round-shaped earrings, finishing at the chin line, will make your features less edgy and more round. The cut edges and the irregular edges will also go. Drops and multi-layered chain-earrings will do best because they make your face type longer. Nonetheless, avoid wearing square earrings or rings with oblique angles. Miss Paris Hilton is the possessor of the square shaped face. Other classic examples of square shaped faces are Demi Moore and Helena Bonham Carter.

The long face

Such a face is Mother Nature’s gift so your main goal is to let the earrings emphasize your natural beauty. Tiny studs, candelabrums and petite drops will catch everyone’s eyes! The volumizing or sculpture-shaped earrings will also make you the center of the party! Art-deco styled earrings include most of the aforementioned types. You can afford wearing both oval and rectangular earrings too. Yet, in order to not make your long face even longer you should avoid wearing very lengthy and very thin earrings. Sarah Jessica Parker, being a long-faced gal, knows this well. Look at Agyness Deyn, she is another long faced type gal.

The pear-shaped face

To balance the features of the face, the pear type gals should choose the earrings which are “light” at the apex and “heavy” at the bottom. In other words, give your preferences to the earrings that give your face the illusion of being a triangle. Your type of earrings will go with the classic style from the 1910’s or the glam from the 60’s. You should always wear elegantly designed studs with jewels or diamonds, tiny drops or earrings designed as a combination of straight and bent lines. The way Nicole Kidman does!

The triangle type of face

The owners of triangular shaped faces are in need of earrings to make angles less “sharp”. Such gals should pick up volumizing and plump coquette earrings with bendings. They will go with the shape of your face really well! Long and voluminous earrings should widen toward the bottom, no exceptions. Fashionista Victoria Beckham knows this and shows her perfect style! Other examples of the triangular face are Naomi Campbell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Billie Piper. Whatever your choice is, please, remember: first you should take into account the color of the dress, second, the face type! We wish you happiness and fun in making the perfect choice. You will also love:

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