How to choose a Retro wedding bouquet

by Karen

Can you imagine a real retro wedding without a bridal bouquet? Hardly! A perfectly chosen bouquet is the top accessory of any bride and throughout time, it has remained the center of the bridal look.
The first and the main rule for choosing a retro inspired bouquet is it must be up to the wedding theme and, of course match the color of the wedding dress. Only if the bunch of flowers matches the wedding dress, its overall look will come out great in the photos! When choosing your wedding bouquet, please do consult only an expert florist as each detail is holds tremendous significance. Style of dress, figure, bridal hairdo and even the color of the eyes play significant roles in forming your bridal bouquet and silhouette.

Meaning of Colors

Snow-white and green colors in the bouquet are great for the very juvenile brides. Those colors will also come out great with a neo-vintage Victorian dress in white. Yet if you do not have beads or sequins, these colors may be “dissolved” in your overall look. Pink palette is very fresh and feminine. It is the symbol of happiness and love. But again if you don’t have embroidery or some detailing on a pink dress the bouquet may be lost. However this color will look great with beige, champagne and snow-white dresses. Yellow palette. It is very bright and sunny. It will attract all eyes and make you and everyone around you really smile. It will go with the fairy haired gals and dresses in lime, champagne, beige and all “warm” colors. Crème bouquets, peach bouquets or champagne colored bouquets are very popular in Central Europe now. These colors will go great with lace or very refined dresses in tulle. Orange flowers in a bridal bouquet are very dynamic. A bouquet in this color scheme will look splendid when paired with a red headed gal with freckles and an optimistic character. Red flowers are very extravagant and luxurious. They symbolize both luxury and maturity and will work with romantic red gowns, boho-styled gowns in red palettes and tango dresses in red. If you are a brunette lady, you are made for this dress. Blue palette is very airy and breezy. Such a bouquet may include vivid field flowers. In this case the aforementioned bouquet should be put together with boho styled gowns in white and blue. It will also come out perfect for a wedding in countryside, especially in the early summer time. Violet flowers are very ripe and memorable. They will come out great with Mardi Gras wedding gowns in snow-white, violet or emerald green.

Fashions and styles

The most widespread style of bouquet today is definitely the round bouquet. Whether you are Goth, MOB, Victorian, Edwardian or a new look bride; it will go with any chosen style. This style of bouquet appeared in the early 19th century. Such a bouquet may include different flowers.
The bouquet in a waterfall style is made of flowers with long stems. Such a bouquet must be carried with two hands below your waist line. It is not compact but it looks noble. Hence it will go with Edwardian and Victorian inspired long gowns. Bouquet in basket a style is always made of vivid flowers. But it is the least popular bouquet now. Bouquet in drop style is a bouquet which is made using a special chord corset. It is suitable for skinny gals or ladies wearing tightly fitting wedding gowns. One rule of thumb is the larger the bouquet the less it will be suitable for plus sized brides. Wrist corsage bouquet appeared in the early 20th century so if you are planning a flapper style gown or an art-deco styled wedding, this model of bouquet is right up your alley. Yet now you may also wear this bouquet as a set for your graceful Victorian lace wedding gown. Simple gems bent with styled ribbons will work with midi wedding dresses or boho styled wedding gowns.

Bridal bouquet dont’s:

  • Do not choose flowers with extra pungent smells
  • Do not choose very heavy bouquets
When choosing a perfect wedding bouquet you should also take into account the age of the bride. It is ok for elder and second wedding brides to order exotic flowers in very colorful, extravagant styled of bouquets. Very young gals, conversely, should give their preference to vivid tender flowers as they will go with their fragrant juvenile skin. The buds and knops will go great with juvenile alternative brides who have worn Victorian styled wedding gowns.

Common recommendations:

  • Blonde and ash blonde gals will look perfect with lighter flowers in their hands. Azure, lavender, pink and yellow flowers are suitable for them. Brunette gals should opt for the richer and more saturated colors like orange, red, violet and emerald green.
  • If the flowers go with the color of the wedding dress they will look gorgeous especially with Victorian inspired lace gowns.
  • A Gangster inspired wedding may include only two big roses: one for the bride and another for the groom’s buttonhole.
  • Your wedding bouquet must be up to the wedding season. White roses with blue or cool pink edges will go great for winter whereas bright asters will do for a colorful Fall affair. Crème camellias will go splendid with beige or flesh lace Victorian gowns, light yellow and orange flowers will go perfectly for beach and summer weddings.
  • Some gals prefer to order a double bouquet and leave one at the wedding lodge in case of an unexpected occasion. And don’t forget about the tossing of the bouquet as one lucky unmarried gal will catch the bouquet.

Offbeat recommendations:

Horoscope tellers advise us to choose bouquets according to our astrological sign. Earth signs should prefer scarlet roses, tulips and fragrant inflorescence. Lighter flowers and compositions of petite flowers should be adorned by fire signs. Tulips, lilies, pink roses are the flowers of the water sign brides. And air sign brides should lean towards darker and bigger knops and exotic flowers.

Remember: the best flower of the wedding is you!

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