Chasing the Fairytale Wedding in 3 Simple Steps

by Karen

Chasing the Fairytale Wedding in 3 Simple Steps

Every woman - and some men - have dreamed of having a picture-perfect wedding day. If you are engaged and want to make your fairytale a reality, don’t stress. Planning a fairytale wedding can be easy and fun. While there are plenty of components that go into wedding planning, these 3 steps should help you put together the fairytale wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

Step 1: Find A Fairytale Venue

The venue you choose sets the tone for the entire wedding day. Where you host your wedding is most important decision you make throughout the wedding planning process. If you want a true fairytale wedding, consider a castle. Lots of old castles in Europe have been converted into wedding venues for brides who want to feel like a real-life princess. Or, embrace your inner Disney princess by contacting Disney World and looking into their many magnificent wedding venues.

Vintage Inspired White Wedding Dress

If you would rather stay local but can’t find a castle anywhere, consider a beautiful vintage estate. Vintage mansions have been repurposed into event venues all across the country. Getting married in a grand manor will make you feel just like a modern-day princess in a vintage-inspired fairy tale. If you can, make sure there’s a breathtaking staircase where you and your groom can take photos together.

Step 2: Find A Dress Fit For a Princess

While your guests will eventually forget about many parts of your wedding day, your wedding dress is something that they will remember forever. If you are looking for a fairytale wedding dress fit for a princess, you’re in luck. Many bridal designers are shying away from bohemian wedding dresses and are refocusing on beautiful ballgowns that will make you feel like royalty. 
Vintage inspired white wedding gown
A beautiful ballgown with a full tulle skirt is definitely a princess-worthy dress. This is especially true if it is made from luxurious fabrics like satin and organza. A few embellishments never hurt, either. While strapless wedding dresses look beautiful on virtually everyone, a style with sleeves will add a bit of vintage romance. Look for gowns with long sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves for a timeless look that will go down in the history books. Don’t forget to top it all off with a glittering tiara!

Step 3: Throw a Royal Reception

To treat your guests to something spectacular, present them with a meal fit for a Queen. Old-fashioned dishes that were once served for royalty are an excellent and delicious option. Meats, potatoes, breads, and mulled wine were some of Queen Victoria’s favorite foods. An old-fashioned feast is a fun way to transport you and your guests to a much more regal era. To put a twist on your dinner, consider throwing a potluck style reception. This encourages everyone to bring foods that they made themselves. If you aren’t keen on relying on others for the main courses, have everyone bring an old-fashioned dessert to the party. Sweets like Victorian sponge, scones, and cherries jubilee are all fun to eat and come straight from the golden age of royalty.

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