Celebrate your Curves with Plus-Size Vintage Fashions

by Karen

Ever since Twiggy and Kate Moss, many women have been fighting their natural body types and trying to squeeze into fashions that are simply not flattering. Low-cut jeans can leave bulges and bumps while loose-fitting layers can add unwanted bulk and leave you feeling dumpy or frumpy. Sometimes women simply give up and spend their days in comfortable yoga pants and slouchy sweatshirts, which tend to be even less flattering. You shouldn’t have to change your body to fit into the latest trends and fashion, and your clothes shouldn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Taking a step back in time to the fashions of yesteryear can help you rediscover your inner vixen and find a look that helps you release her.
Nataya customers in Plus Sizes 

Celebrate your Curves with Plus-size Vintage Fashions   

The Power of Vintage

Plus-size vintage fashions have become increasingly popular as women are rediscovering the power of body-hugging looks that create dangerous curves and sultry sex appeal. You don’t have to slip into a corset or drop a dozen petticoats over your head to get the most out of this hot trend, either. You simply need to find your best decade and dive right into a new you. When looking for vintage that works for curvier bodies and plus-sizes, look for colors that flatter your skin and hair tone, textures that feel good against your body and lines that hug your curves without constricting your movements. Some of the most popular figure-flattering vintage looks include:
  • High-waisted pencil skirts and wide-legged pants
  • Cinch belts and skinny belts
  • Vividly colored or patterned scarves that can add visual interest to any outfit
  • Stacked or kitten heels that give your legs a sleekly curvy look
  • Swing dresses that move seductively when you move
  • Flowing bohemian dresses that stay cool even when the temperature soars
  • Empire waistlines that show off your bosom while highlighting your narrowest part

Finding Inspiration

In April 1912, first-class passengers boarded the Titanic with hopes and dreams of an elegant voyage filled with virtually every possible luxury. Women wore beaded evening gowns with satin shoes and expensive jewelry. Their bodies were no longer bent into an unnatural S-shape with large bosoms, wasp waists and rounded behinds. Instead, their dresses followed a more natural silhouette with sleek lines and higher waistlines. These lovely ladies tended to veer towards rich colors and lush fabrics that draped beautifully over their bodies. Delicate sheer fabrics danced lightly over tunics or sheaths and were often decorated with delicate embroidery or exotic beading. You can recreate this look with your own plus-size vintage fashion alternatives. This lovely tea-length dress in a flattering sapphire color is a great example that can leave you ready to dance the night away with or without your own personal Jack Dawson.
Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sapphire by Nataya
 Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sapphire by Nataya
It is the perfect gown for an evening event or for the mother of the bride or groom, and the smooth, richly colored lines of the dress are designed to skim over the body flatteringly. Add a jeweled Grecian band to your hair to complete the look and highlight your facial features.
Grecian Bridal Headband with Rhinestones Grecian Bridal Headband with Rhinestones
Just a decade after the tragedy of the Titanic came the roaring 20s. While the flapper may be the best-known look of this era, women embraced a wide range of styles. Simple shift dresses created sleek, smooth lines while mid-calf hemlines offered maximum coverage without losing any of the suggestiveness of a well-shaped ankle. For your own plus-sized vintage take on this style look for dresses with loose layers that glide over your curves for a sexier, more romantic take on the classic flapper silhouette. This rose-gold layered dress combines the beauty of the Great Gatsby era with classic lines and breezy figure-flattering layers.
Great Gatsby Party Dress in Rose/Gold by Nataya Great Gatsby Party Dress in Rose/Gold by Nataya
You can wear this dress during the daytime to an afternoon tea or garden party or for an evening cocktails and dancing. When browsing through historic fashions, you are sure to find a look that speaks to you and a decade that draws you into a new way of looking at yourself.

Accessorizing through the Ages

Not everyone is ready to dive head-first into sexy vintage fashions, and that’s okay. You don’t have to overhaul your entire wardrobe to reap the benefits of classic lines and gorgeous plus-sized vintage fashions. You can still find great statement pieces that add visual interest without making you feel as though you are playing dress-up. Look for a pretty blouse like this gorgeous Western bias georgette top, which pairs beautifully with jeans for a casual day out or with a bohemian skirt for a cool day at the beach.
Western Bias Georgette Top by Marrika Nakk Western Bias Georgette Top by Marrika Nakk
Add a fun pair of peacock-patterned flapper-style shoes to take a simple pencil skirt to the next level or to highlight your shapely legs when paired with a pretty dress or loose-fitting pants.
Flapper style wedding shoes in Tuquoise Flapper style wedding shoes in Tuquoise, Model "Ginger"
Other fun plus-size vintage fashion looks can include:
  • Adding a belt to your favorite dress
  • Draping a lightweight fitted cardigan over your shoulders
  • Wearing bright polka dots around the house
  • Sleek pinup-inspired looks that celebrate rather than conceal your shape
  • Mixing and matching design elements that work for you
  • Modifying pieces that look amazing but may not have the most flattering fit for your body
Creating your own signature look can give you a powerful dose of self-confidence and renew your love of fashion. What vintage pieces are you planning to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer? Will you be diving into your new look head-first with a new sundress or simply adding a few statement pieces that make you feel good about your body and yourself?

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