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by Karen

Celebrate Your Curves! Curvy Fashion at its Best!

 If you’re a curvy woman who doesn’t know what to wear, you’re in luck! Vintage-inspired fashion is the perfect pick for full-figured ladies who want to look fabulous. There’s something from every era in history that will suit your body type and make you look incredible - you just need to know what design elements to look for. Here is a guide to vintage shopping made just for curvy fashion gals.

The Edwardian Era

Anyone who is a fan of Downton Abbey knows that the fashions from the turn of the century were simply inspired. Gowns with beautiful embellishments, flattering necklines and exquisite overlays were the norm during this incredibly refined period in history. If you’re a fuller-figured lady, look for an Edwardian-inspired gown with an empire waistline - this will highlight your bust while also giving you a tall, statuesque figure. Many garments from this era also have long, sheer sleeves, which will keep you modest without making you look matronly. Shopping Tip Look for dresses that make it easy for you to wear a normal bra. Many dresses from this era have covered shoulders and feminine necklines, making it easy for you to wear your normal undergarments underneath. Our Picks https://wardrobeshop.com/content/audrey-vintage-style-party-gown-in-sand-by-nataya https://wardrobeshop.com/content/downton-abbey-tea-party-gown-in-sage-by-nataya https://wardrobeshop.com/content/downton-abbey-tea-party-gown-in-mauve-by-nataya

The Roaring Twenties

The 1920s were an exciting time when it comes to fashion. Flappers wore stylish, unstructured dresses that allowed them to dance the night away at Jazz Clubs and Speakeasys. Because most items from this era are sheath-style garments that lack inherent structure, they’ll effortlessly fall over your figure, making you feel comfortable and chic all night long. Don’t be afraid of wearing beading, fringe, or other embellishments - linear Art Deco patterns will highlight your hourglass shape in the best way possible. Shopping Tip Because 1920s style dresses lack structure, you’ll have to add it yourself. Pairing shapewear with your favorite flapper dress will ensure you feel comfortable while rocking Roaring Twenties fashion. Our Picks https://wardrobeshop.com/content/art-deco-flapper-dress-in-plum https://wardrobeshop.com/content/1920-style-beaded-dress-in-navy-blue https://wardrobeshop.com/content/gatsby-style-maxi-dress-in-plum

The 1940s

If you love fashion from the 1940’s, you’re in for a treat - retro, pin-up fashion was practically made for curvy fashion figures. Dresses from this decade were made to celebrate - rather than hide - a woman’s curves. Don’t be afraid of wearing form-fitting skirts or figure-hugging dresses. They’re meant to enhance your dynamic figure and make you feel like the vintage bombshell you always knew was hiding inside. Shopping Tip Printed fabrics were incredibly popular in the 1940s. Pick slightly oversized prints - like plaids or polka dots - to make your retro look even more exciting. Our Picks https://wardrobeshop.com/content/lana-dress-in-grey https://wardrobeshop.com/content/claudette-1940s-dress-in-atomic-print https://wardrobeshop.com/content/ida-dress-in-wine-spot

The 1950s

Clothing from the 1950s was inherently feminine. Women of all ages wore lightweight dresses with full skirts that that cinched at the waist. Full-figured women love rocking items from this era because they perfectly flatter curves. Look for dresses with A-line skirts that are adorned with pleating or similar design details. A dress that cinches or ties at your natural waistline will make your hourglass figure even more apparent. Shopping Tip If you select a midi-length dress from this era, be sure to pair it with pumps. Even a very small heel will lengthen your leg line and work better with the proportions of a 1950s dress. Our Picks https://wardrobeshop.com/content/delores-dress-in-sky-blue-bow https://wardrobeshop.com/content/monroe-dress-in-multi https://wardrobeshop.com/content/delores-dress-in-blue-moonshine-spots

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