Dresses for bridesmaids: 4 charming ideas

by Karen

For the bridesmaids, the dress is just as important as picking everything else for the bride because it brings everything together in a wedding. This outing is especially difficult because not every girl will look the same in a certain style or color, but Wardrobeshop.com knows at least 4 spectacular ideas so that your collaborative photos look great! The first option is keeping the dresses one simple color. Classic bridesmaid dresses can make for a beautiful photo, but for everyone to be happy, there needs to be calmer colors like pink, blue, and lavender that can still be classic and be the perfect choice for meeting everyone's expectations.

These are the easiest to find and to order.  Another option could be using the effect of ombre. It is quite a beautiful scene when there is a big bridal party of four or more bridesmaids. This style is when bridesmaids choose a different shade of the same color. So that means if you, as the bride, wants the bridesmaids to wear blue, they could choose baby blue, periwinkle, teal, or even navy blue. The options are endless. This gives an option of different styles of dresses to be chosen to fit the girls' body types.

 The third option could be choosing only one palette. This means that the girls can choose different materials, styles, and lengths. There could be more time and detail put into the choosing of the dress because they are done individually. All the bride has to do is pick one color and give the bridesmaids the freedom to choose.

 Finally, the bridesmaids' look can all come together with accessories. The shoes, bouquets, hats, clutches, and jewelry can make everything flow and match. The accessories can be just as important as the dress if chosen correctly. It will make a beautiful day for the bride and her guests.

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