The Braided Bride: Trends and History

by Karen

Braids are not a new trend in the fashion world. They were invented quite long ago in ancient Greece. In classical Greece, braids were the symbolic and signature attribute for women and sometimes even for men.
The braid was the means for showing off your prosperity, status and nobility. Though it is not known for sure, the Greeks were probably the first to invent beauty salons. Hair care was not merely a luxury but an absolute necessity. History tells us that the more noble the Greek, the more complicated his or her braid.
The ancient Romans took just as much care of their braids as their Greek predecessors. However, unlike the Greeks, the Romans upheld braids as fashionable among both slaves and nobles. Unlike the Greeks, men did not wear braids. Legend has it that Julius Caesar loved braids so much that he ordered all salves to practice braiding in order to master the most sophisticated styles.
Ladies with their long braids defined the medieval period. As time went on, braids dropped out of vogue. From 1920 to 1960, braids were not so popular, especially when it came to wedding fashion. However, in Hollywood movies of the 50s and 60s, Greek and Biblical-themed movies reintroduced braids as a popular trend.
The hippie movement of the 70s brought back the popularity of the braid among both men and women. Men would even braid their beards and mustaches. At this time, braids became all the rage among boho style brides.
In the 80s, simple side braids were the thing. This look was mostly seen in daily life, but not much in weddings.
From 2000 to 2010, wedding braids experienced a rebirth. This trend seems to be sticking around, as we are now seeing Pinterest explode with pins about “The Braided Bride” .
These days, there are a plethora of braided bridal variations, such as Victorian braided bunches, the newly invented French braids, English braids, complicated Greek braids, classy French Braids, Slavic braids, African braids and heaps more. Braids reflect the fashion of the ages as well as the invention of new styles.
Some styles were invented on the basis of French, Slavic, Greek and African braids. Yet, others were created with no relation to braids of the past. Modern brides are increasingly going for the braided look to complete their wedding style.

Finally, we would like to share the most popular bridal braid trends:

  • Crown braid
  • A loose braid in the boho style
  • Braid waterfall
  • Considered to be the new type of braiding, ideal for brides who are crazy about boho
  • Braid ending with a brooch
  • Finish the braid with fresh flowers for a romantic touch
To be continued...

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