The Braided Bride: Styles for Every Face Type

by Karen

There are a huge variety of styles for braids. Your best look depends largely on the shape of your face. Here’s your guide to choosing the right braid variation.

Round face

Add length to a round face with a vertical braid. Choose a high updo for a slimming effect. Start at the very top of your head for one or multiple braids.
Round face Styles

Rectangular face

Adding large curls helps to round out a rectangular face. Avoid sharp and straight lines for your wedding updo. Gather most of the hair near your ears. The best look for you? A cylinder braid is right below the middle of your neck.
Rectangular face style

Triangular face

You can soften the features of your triangular face using the following trick. Combine straight locks with curly waves. For instance, mix straight bangs while curling your remaining tresses. Concentrate on placing most of your hair near your jaw line or gather your hair in the back of your head with gentle curls concealing your ears.
Triangular face style

Square face

Wavy locks do wonders for a square face as well. Variations of French braids look great on ladies with square features. For the best look, let the French braid frame the majority of your face, with special emphasis on your cheekbones. Ladies with a square face are actually quite lucky, as 90% of braided styles look fantastic on them!

The veil to match the braids

Having the perfect braid is only half the fun. Match your gorgeous braid with the right veil for an amazing wedding look.
Short braids look exceptionally good with birdcage and short veils. Layered and longer veils accentuate longer braids, such as those ending near the waist of an empire or regular dress. Check out the Maria Veil by Inga Nataya Couture.
Maria Veil by Inga Nataya Couture

Accessories for braids

Staying unveiled has become one of the hottest trends for modern brides, especially alternative and second marriage brides. The braid is an extremely versatile variation for lovers of the classic past as well as those venturing into alternative traditions.

Here are some gorgeous accessories to match your veil:

• Natural flowers, especially peony, orchids, lilies and roses are elegant, but be sure to consult a professional florist. Even if you plan a short ceremony, your flowers may not resist the heat and climate conditions.
• A wreath is a traditional hippie and boho style that will adorn women until the end of time. You can bank on a minimum of 2 hours.
Artificial flowers made of organza, silk and other similar fabrics have great flexibility when choosing color shades. These flowers are strongly recommended for the alternative brides who purchased wedding dresses in pastel shades.
Feathers, such as peacock, are ideal for a braided hairdo.
Crystals and Swarovski beads may be paired with a medieval dress, such as Nataya Raphaela in Cream.
A tiara or headband  brings a look of sophistication. Check out the stunning headpieces and tiaras in our vintage style wedding accessories section.
Vintage style wedding headband
Vintage style wedding accessories section
Vintage tiara or headband

What wedding dresses can be paired with a braid?

Pair any couture dress with the romantic French braids and bunch braids. Long braids may be paired with the medieval dresses while loose braids are suited perfectly for one shoulder dresses. Crown braids are superb with Gatsby style dress. The volume braid will turn back time with our Grecian dress in any pastel colors.
Vintage gatsby style dress
You can find even more variations on our “The Braided Bride” board.
A happy braided wedding to you!

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