The Best Vintage-Style Partygoers by Nataya

by Karen

We just finished celebrated Christmas and the New Year, but it's almost February already and, oh look we have another holiday on around the corner. Well, this is true mainly of the winter as every day is a holiday in the summer. And as dreary as the winter months may be, we indulge ourselves in festivities to pass the time. With that said, why not have a few more parties and not wait until Valentines Day to have a good time. Why, then, don’t we have a look at the best vintage-style party goer dresses by Nataya?
We have picked the best partygoer dresses in the vintage style that are perfect for both modern- and vintage-trend parties. Let’s not waste any more time and see what styles by Nataya are best for winter parties.
Lets start our list with this partygoer apparel in black. The corset-style back will keep you from worrying about the pounds you may have gained during the December holidays. Keep in mind that the style is available in plus sizes too!
Vintage-Style Partygoers black by Nataya
If you prefer dresses in shorter lengths, you will love the Black/Coco Shaded Rose Chiffon Gown by Nataya. This style is especially great for a lady who cannot spend hours getting ready because she is too busy or because she just doesn’t want to take the time getting dressed. Just add a string of pearls and your perfect Old Hollywood look is complete! What’s more important is that almost all styles of black shoes are perfect matches for the aforementioned dress.
Old Hollywood black dress
Ladies who cannot live without a jazz length dress may fall in love with the following Jazz-Style Silhouette Dress in sage/pink. The best accessories for this garment are the flapper mid-heeled shoes and a feather headband. But if you are going to a modern party, you may prefer a vivid orchid or alstroemeria for your natural curls.
Jazz-Style Silhouette Dress in sage/pink
We’ll keep going with the jazz styles and silhouette. The next art-deco dress is perfect for a Charleston or flapper party. It may also fit an art-deco glam party or an evening inspired by Old Hollywood. Although you may choose this dress for an active bridal shower party, don’t be afraid of experimenting by wearing this versatile dress by Nataya to other events.
Art-deco blue dress
Let’s revisit Charleston. Recently, we shared the best Etsy accessories to go with the following Charleston-style dress in black or navy. You may pick up your own accessories and choose the best color for the following retro dress by Nataya. The dress is fit for a 1960s-inspired party, romantic party, or even a flapper dance evening. The dress is perfect for any line you have chosen!
Vintage 1960s Inspired Party Blue Dress
Vintage 1960s Inspired Party Lavender Dress
Our look at dresses for Charleston or jazz parties won’t be complete if we don’t mentioned the Nataya 40043 1920s Tango Dress. The normal style by Nataya makes accents to the upper waist, but the style of this dress is quite different — its low waist makes it perfect for Roaring Twenties parties. Nevertheless, the Hollywood party trend has shown an interest in the 1920s-inspired styles, so you may pair this dress not only with a long string of pearls but also with modern chokers or even pump-up heels!
1920s Vintage Inspired Tango Dress
The next three styles are best for lovers of radical and ultra violet colors. First, let us remember the Signature Prom Dress by Nataya in the baroque style. This deep violet silhouette is truly informal, making the dress best for young ladies who are attending informal or winter prom parties!
Signature Prom Dress by Nataya in the baroque style
Our next bestseller is the Nataya 40092 Winter Formal Artisan Dress. This is what the doctor ordered for bridal showers or prom beach parties. You may not even need to pick up special jewelry because the bright style of the dress is already your best accessory. Please hurry because only two sizes are still available!
Nataya Winter Formal Artisan Dress
The newcomer in Nataya’s collection is the Nataya 40135 Tulle Plum/Red Carmen Dress, and it has recently become one of our bestselling partygoer outfits. Actually, almost all sizes are available, including plus one, but you should also keep in mind that this dress will likely be sold out by the end of the season!
Nataya Tulle Plum/Red Carmen Dress
Finally, we cannot help but mention one more beautiful style by Nataya — the Tulle Laced Black Gown. It is perfect for parties in the style of the Silent Movies or Old Hollywood. Although this is one of our bestsellers, we should warn you that only sizes for petite ladies are still available!
Tulle Laced Black Gown
We wish you truly marvelous winter parties and happy holidays!

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