The Best Vintage-Style Embroidered Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

Most of Nataya’s dresses are decorated with different styles of embroidery. Thanks to embroidery that imitates the good old styles that our grannies used to decorate their apparel, the fabulous Nataya dresses in Titanic style have become popular. Such dresses symbolize the lost prosperity of the crème de la crème of 1900s-1920s society. Enough of that — let us now consider dresses embroidered with beads, silky threads and even ribbons. These dresses are now available, and any alternative bride, prom gal or mother of the bride or groom may visit and choose her most beloved style and color. Not only do Nataya dresses come in many different embroidery styles, but there are also plenty of embroidered models that emphasize beauty at any age. We have selected the best embroidered styles for you. Of course, many of these styles are from Nataya’s Titanic Collection, but there are many other dresses for different kinds of affairs. So, let’s take a look at the most prominent dresses by Nataya. The newcomer to Nataya’s collection is the Nataya Silver Gown with empire waist. It would look rather boring without the silky embroidery that, in its turn, makes any silhouette slimmer because of its style and casting of vertical illusions.
Nataya Silver Gown
You may also love the tender embroidery of the Nataya Titanic Dress in sage. The natural color of the flesh makes this dress look really girlish, whereas this style does a trick — it also makes the body look slimmer because the direction of the ornaments is vertical.


Vintage Nataya Titanic Dress in sage


Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya is great for garden weddings. The modest embroidery is a splendid choice for brides who plan to celebrate their weddings in Victorian style or surrounded buy orange blossom trees.
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya is great for garden weddings
Let’s have a break from Titanic-style dresses, for as we have also mentioned, Nataya’s collection is full of vintage-style dresses decorated with even more unusual embroidery. One such style is definitely the 1920s-style Black Swan Dress. The vertical embroidery and empire waist surely make the silhouette slimmer, but wait! The aforementioned elements are not the most whimsical, as the tiny ribbons in the embroidery make the bust line of the dress look really dramatic and swanlike.
1920s-style Black Swan Dress
Embroidery may be made of silky threads or ribbons, but it looks really memorable and wearable if it’s made of tulle fabric. The ballerina dresses in black and pink look splendid. The pink silky and tulle embroideries make you look like an innocent young gal, whereas the black decorations will emphasize your sensuality and life experience.
Vintage tulle fabric
The short dresses in red and green are great for the bohemiennes of the new age, and they look really stunning and impressive. Embroidery, in this case, only completes the look and makes it really free.
Vintage short dresses in red
Vintage short dresses in green
We can go on listing the best must-have dresses with embroidered decorations. The Nataya Vintage-Style Dress in aloe and red will definitely enhance your beauty. The uniqueness of this style, however, is in its crotchet-style embroidery. This embroidery was made to decorate the empire-style bust, and you may judge the fabulous result for yourself!
Vintage nataya Vintage-Style Dress in aloe
Our list won’t be complete if we fail to mention the bestselling model out of all Titanic-style dresses — the Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry. The embroidery makes this style especially bright and prominent, mostly because of its color, but when you look at it closer, you will see the truly unique ornamentation. That is probably the secret that makes alternative brides and bridesmaids buy this dress for the most significant affairs in their lives!
Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry
The top embroidered vintage-style dresses by Nataya will open a door for you into the new world of trendy embroidered vintage fashion!

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