Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Winter Fairy Tale Wedding

Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Winter Fairy Tale Wedding
Snowfalls mean the coming of the winter. And sometimes winter hurries into our lives but we are oftentimes glad to welcome this season because some of us associate it with fairy tales and the miracles they sometimes bring to our daily lives. Problems, along with bustles, are left behind when it comes to winter miracles. Probably, this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of winter styled wedding. Arranging your winter fairytale wedding can be done any time of year, even if it’s summer or spring outside. Today we will look at different ideas for winter fairy tale wedding themes both for winter and other seasons. Firstly, let’s solve the problem with your wedding locations. If it’s snowing outside then you can rent any restaurant with blue, snow-white, violet and silver interior. But if it’s not snowing many couples ask for permission to make the windows of the restaurant frosty by means of special glass-pasta. Or, another way is to look for some special winter themed restaurant or lodge that is frosty and snowy all year round. Do not use a Christmas wedding theme for your winter fairy tale wedding. They may be complementary but still they are not the same. You can use red colors for a Christmas wedding but if you plan a winter wedding theme it’s better to use cold “winter type” colors. Again, some couples leave US for Canada, Slovenia, France, Alpine resorts or even Russia. They are looking for snow. If you plan a winter honeymoon or you’re keen on snowboarding then this idea will work. But if you are on a restricted budget then it is better to find some US state and theme-related restaurant. Whatever season it is, you can always order snowflake glasses for your wedding reception. Make snowflake vintage postcards and snow-flake shaped numbers for the wedding tables. If your budget lets you and it’s not winter, order ice figures for table and wedding reception décor. But if it is winter and you plan photo shoots outside then it is better decorate exterior using ice figures. If you plan your winter fairy-tale wedding for the wintertime, here are some special ideas for your apparel and décor:
  • · Rent white horses and a white open sleigh. This idea will go great with your winter fairy tale photo shoots
  • · Rent white pigeons (specially trained) to let them out into the skies. This trick will please your guests
  • · Use fur-like hat for your wedding attire
  • · Dawn beautiful fairy-tales mantles in black and white for groom’s and your apparel respectively
  • · Use winter gardens for romantic winter photo-shoots

Whatever the season is you will definitely plan the main ceremony in an enclosed space. So, use frosted branches and icy décor for different seasons. The icy décor can be achieved using frosty snow white, violet or light blue balloons as well. Make the archway to your wedding really frosty. Also use glass or icy coaches for table décor. The glass shoes for white or silver-white candles will support both winter and fairy-tale wedding lines. You can also please your guest with a shoe trying trick, when the groom “is looking for”his sweetheart trying all the shoes on other ladies’ feet. Use snowflakes for both the bride’s and table flower décor. And, of course, if you plan a true winter fairy-tale look then it is better to use cold colors for makeup as well. Your wedding outfit for a winter fairy tale wedding must also be in cold colors. So, let’s study closer the basic ideas for the chosen wedding line: Vintage Nataya Wedding dress will go with white boots on high heels and a winter mantle.

Romantic Vintage Wedding dress for second weddings both in periwinkle and ivory will go with white high-heeled boots. It will make you look like a winter princess protecting her snowy country against mystical enemies.

Vintage Empire dress in ivory will also go with winter vintage mantle and semi-fur hat. It will make you into a Russian princess Anastasia or Romanian Noble baroness.

Neoclassic vintage dress will absolutely do with any winter fairy tale. And this dress is a fairy-tale itself. neoclassic vintage wedding dress for winter

Vintage inspire Titanic dress in ivory will also go with the image of a Snow gal. It will match both middle-length and high knee-length boots.

Romantic Vintage dress from “age of Love” collection by Nataya will go only if you bought long-length white coat. But it matches middle-length high-heeled boots like no other of the aforementioned styles.

Bohemian Camouflage sets by Nataya will go for alternative brides who planned a true winter vintage wedding.

The long sleeve wedding dresses by Nataya will emphasize your cold beauty and turn you into a vintage winter princess. Your apparel will look gorgeous and magnificent like Marie’s smart clothes from Nutcracker theme. But the real fairy-tale must look this way and no other.

 Let the wedding magic be yours! Tell the world your winter fairy tale!

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