Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Wild Wild west vintage wedding

by Karen

Thus far, we’ve been written about Countryside Weddings and how to organize those using unique “do-it-yourself” techniques and ideas. But apart from countryside vintage weddings, there are Western, Cowboy or Wild West vintage wedding themes which are oftentimes referred to as Wild West Vintage Weddings. There is a wide range of supporting ideas for perfect venues. You can choose a retro Cowboy restaurant or Café for the wedding reception, rent a Ranch such as El Rancho (Dakota) if money permits or you can make your own countryside lodge into a wedding lodge and the like. Just bring a small piece of fantasy to life and you will make all your wishes of a cowboy vintage wedding come true. If you live in North or South Dakota, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma or Montana you are very lucky, there are plenty of places both classic and Old West Inspired where you can arrange your locations. You can also travel from elsewhere for an Old West inspired locale or rent a retro wild-west house or restaurant built in Western Architecture style in your own city. But the second case will restrict your photo shoot because your photographer will only be able to carry out studio photo shoots. But anyway, despite restricting your photo shoot, the retro restaurant or your Old West House Lodge will give you the possibility to control everything yourself. You can arrange everything, decorate and check the taste of the helpings so that everything is just the way you want it! Accessories should not be overlooked as the will play a significant role in your Western Wedding. Accessories and cowboy-style favorites can transform your ordinary lodge into a cowboy wedding reception or emphasize the chosen wedding line if you plan to marry in one of the Old West States. You can order “Wanted” napkins for your wedding tables. Also attach “Wanted” posters with the personal photos of your guests to pillars or their seats to let them know their designated seat. This idea also works with invitation cards. Use the “western frames” feature in photoshop for each of your guests’ portraits and have these shots printed. Isn’t it a nice idea for invitations? You can also rent or buy low-cost cowboy hats and hang them on the armrests. Use western wagons for your wedding transportation vehicles. And make several shots beside one of them. They will come out perfect regardless whether the shot takes place in an Old Western State or near your parents’ countryside yard. The theme of a cowboy wedding must be signified in the wedding cake as well. Choose the ones with the cowboy hats. Use only wild flowers for floral decoration. Many prefer sunflowers in wedding flower bunches. But these flowers are associated with classic countryside wedding themes with no hint at Wild West. Use Echinacea's or monardas for floral decoration and wedding bouquets. These are the flowers of prairies and they will support the chosen wedding line. Also you can use succulents or cacti for your wedding theme, especially if you decided to celebrate in your parents’ house located in the center of a non-Old West city. The flowers mentioned above will go extremely well with a checkered table cloth or sage linen “western” table cloth. Use barn dances for your wedding line. Use hay or fake hay to create the barn atmosphere. So, as you may conclude, the right wedding attire for the bride is the one to reveal her cowboy boots and go with a cowboy hat. Now there are tons of cowboy wedding hats with veils to let you feel like a true wild western bride. You can also choose boots that go with the length of the dress. But if you plan a wedding in the Western United States, please, check if the chosen month is not dusty. Otherwise you will be a grey or dark bride by midday of your affair. Anyway, try to choose a beige, sage, dirty pink or peach wedding dress for a true western wedding. They will go with both brown and black cowboy boots. Choose ivory or white dresses (and boots) only if you plan to celebrate your wedding in the reception area without going to a prairie or a ghost town. So, it is high time now to choose the best suitable attire from the Nataya collection for your western wedding theme. Artisan Winter Dress will do for any chosen month and any chosen location.
Vintage  Inspired Artisan Winter Dress

Vintage Inspire Wedding Gown by Nataya will be great with a light cowboy hat and a long light “western” veil.

Vintage Inspire Wedding Gown by Nataya
Nataya Vintage Off-shoulder dress will be an excellent set to go with a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat with a light peach veil.
Nataya Vintage Off-shoulder dress

Vintage Romace dress in Sage and Beige will also help you to become that western gal.

Vintage Romace dress in Sage and Beige
Vintage Empire dress will go for studio photo shoots and western lodge photo shots. It will also go with a cowboy hat with a mid-length veil.
Vintage Empire White dress

Vintage 1920’s dress by Nataya plus the Vintage Frock Jacket will be a great set for your western wedding theme.

Vintage 1920’s dress by Nataya plus the Vintage Frock Jacket

Romantic vintage dress in different colors will be a splendid image for your vintage Wild West wedding theme.

Romantic vintage dress in different colors
Romantic Vintage Wild West Dress
It is a tradition of our blog to finish our “themed runway” with a few extra ideas of themed attire for all those risky alternative brides out there. This time we will introduce rayon and tulle lace Vintage attire for western brides available in red and blue.
Rayon and tulle lace Vintage attire
Whatever your choice is, your wedding will be splendid and your will be a gorgeous Wild West gal!

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