Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Wedding in Orient Express

by Karen

To most of us the Orient express means a train where a Murder happened in an Agatha Christie novel. But the history of the Orient express is much longer than the popular detective novel or a movie. It’s origin is from Queen Victoria’s reign.
Famous European builder Georges Nagelmackers was inspired by cars used buy another US builder by the name of Pullman. Mr. John Pullman invented real railway luxury hotels to cross all the states from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Under patronage of Belgium King Leopold II, Nagelmackers started constructing his masterpiece hereafter called the Orient Express. In 1901, when Queen Victoria died, the cars were overcrowded with princes, noble people and kings. And, thus, the train justified its name: “a train of monarchy”. To arrange a wedding on board a train you don’t need to fly to Europe. If you have a limited budget, you can travel on the American version of the Orient Express. It has vintageous cars and retro restaurants. At least you can take solace in that the USA was the motherland of True Orient Express Prototype. And furthermore, a kind of rose was called the Orient Express John Pullman, not Orient Express Nagelmackers. Now theReal Orient Express isn’t in Europe. Instead there is another long-distance passenger train called Venice-Simplon Orient Express. It is also a luxury VIP train but with less elegance than the most famous train in the world. American Orient Express was introduced as early as in 1968. The European version was introduced far later. The European Orient Express reached the top of its glory after 1929 when the train stopped near Turkey due to harsh weather. Hungry, the passengers were forced tohunt for wolves to avoid starvation thereby inspiring Agatha Christie’s famous masterpiece. If you are as hungry as an Orient Express hunter the train staff will offer you a special menu. Most passengers prefer either Belgium or French cuisine. So if you plan a wedding cake, it may be the Croque en Bouche “Pièce Montée” wedding cake. You can rent any wagon restaurant or celebrate your wedding by just reserving a table for you. Believe it will be the most memorable adventure you will ever have. As for the floral décor, couples generally prefer theOrient Express John Pullman roses. This breed of roses will come out splendid in sepia retro photo shots. Many couples also order seasonal flowers as they come at very reasonable prices. A wedding in an Orient Express train may be another chance to dawn a wedding pant set. These are the very setsworn by the female characters of Agatha Christie. The early 30’s pant sets by Nataya may be the best choice if you are an alternative bride looking to wear something unique and elegant. Nataya Tango Top in different colors plus palazzo pants by Nataya may be the perfect pant set if you plan the wedding styled ina 30’s theme.
Nataya Tango Top in different colors
 Another idea of pant set attire may be Nataya Titanic Top and palazzo pants. This wop will go with plus size bride because of its vertical elements that smooth the silhouette. If you are alternative bride and are about to exchange standard skirts for palazzo pants, you will not forget about this. We promise.
Nataya Titanic white Top
 1920s style Gatsby dress by Nataya is unique attire for vintage inspired brides who want to keep the line of luxury and elegance of Orient Express.
1920s style Gatsby dress by Nataya
Nataya Vintage romantic dress in different colors will emphasize your perfect silhouette and will give you elements of the 30’s.
Nataya Vintage romantic lavender dress
 The Nataya Jacket with embroidery and frills will be suitable choice for plus size alternative brides looking for wedding attire styled as the 20’s or 30’s.
Nataya Jacket with embroidery
 Tie back gown with tucks, appliqué and embroidery by Nataya will be great idea if the bride is looking for sleeves wedding gowns styled as Victorian or early 20’s. This idea will look gorgeous and will come with your luxury travelling.
20’s fashion white dress
 We wish your life to be a real enjoy and adventure! And it will start right after the train starts its travelling! You may also like:

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