Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Vintage Circus Wedding

by Karen

Today we’ll advise you on how to make your wedding a circus party. To most of us a circus means clowns with strange noses and little dogs with strange gals. But these are associations from our childhood. You can arrange a Cirque Du Soleil theme wedding, Futuristic Circus theme wedding or Vintage Chapiteau circus theme wedding. And all are exotic and spectacular. Again, there will be plenty of pieces of advice to use your own taste in organizing everything. After Christina Aguilera’s hit “Hurt”, there was another splash of 20’s circus inspired fashions. So, many couples stormed tent shops and started buying tents of whimsical forms and different sizes. Firstly, try to pick an approximate area for your wedding reception. Some couples manage to turn their parents’ houses into a circus lodge. Others prefer to rent a lawn or turn their own lawns into splendid Chapiteau tents. Whichever direction you choose to go in, the necessary arrangements and decorations should be made based on your tastes and preferences. Also, try to have a little fun with certain circus stereotypes such as lollipop candy, fake noses or fake mustaches for the guests. Use snacks and style main courses as snacks to keep in line with the themed wedding. Of course, lemonade goes better than any other soft drink. As for the shows, get creative with what you would like to see. Here are some ideas of shows available for weddings nowadays. The best idea is to hire aerial artists. You can invite them to both tent lodge reception and parents’ house hall. The show will always be splendid. Some couples prefer trapeze artists dawning vintageous flapper sets (Aguilera’s style Another idea that’s great for both home and tent ceremonies is a soap bubble show. It’s one of the more modern trends but nobody will resist being captivated. By the way, it is not necessary to hire a specialist. There are many sets for soap bubble shows nowadays, so some of your family can perform the leading role in this show and the guests will assist. This way, everyone has a lot of fun not just the guests. Circus wedding refers to mainly sitting and observing. Not participating. But if you hire an illusionist nobody will be bored. Illusionists tend to engage the audience to participate and assist with tricks. But wait, there’s more. Fire shows were extremely popular in the 1900-1920s and are surging for a comeback. Many Chapiteau circuses hired specialists from India to make spectacular fire shows. This idea was also used by Justin Timberlake in his “What goes around comes around” music video. All gals in that video showed modernized fire manipulations while dressed in 20’s-30’s inspired attire. So, if you want something both vintageous and modern, hire a fire show specialist. And unlike soap bubbles it is better not to do these tricks yourselves. Would you like to see something classic and vintageous at your wedding? Dance with the snake shows were center stage during Victorian times and certainly have their place in a wedding of this theme. Choosing a vintageous look for your wedding reception is not complete without the proper wedding attire. Which Nataya dresses may be up to the chosen theme? Christina Aguilera ran the risk and shot parts of her music video (“Hurt”) in sepia. So would you like to have a glimpse at what you will look like if you chose the role of a circus princess? Babydoll dress will go with the vintage circus wedding theme. It’s a non-traditional color but you will look like the bride and quite up to the vintage fashions!

Babydoll lavender dress

Romantic vintage inspired short dress will also allow you to both assist the illusionist and dance with the fire show dancers.

Romantic vintage inspired short dress

 A Top and skirts from “Bohemian Camouflage” Collection by Nataya will give you a look of an early 1920’s-1930’s inspired circus Diva.

Top and skirts from Bohemian Camouflage Collection by Nataya

 If you want to look like the princess of the circus, you can use Nataya Idea of Porcelain Doll.

Nataya Idea of Porcelain Doll

 Victoria and River Fairy wedding dress by Nataya will look gorgeous. Recently it was considered attending circus shows as a noble prerogative.

Victoria and River Fairy wedding dress by Nataya

 Do not forget to add Royal flirt dress to your short list of circus theme wedding dresses.

Royal flirt dress to your short list of circus theme wedding dresses

 Be happy and may your life be as gay as your circus wedding day!

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