Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Vintage Christmas Wedding

by Karen

The miracles are coming! To double them you can mix your own miracle wedding with the mysteries Christmas. This is the greatest time to make all your dreams come true. So make them real! A Christmas wedding is the perfect time (like Thanksgiving) to gather all your family members. This wedding theme will be especially well suitable for those couples who have a small budget or for the ones who are amateurs of red and white wedding themes. To “compose” your own Christmas mystery wedding please feel free to use the ideas and trends we have brought to you in this Christmas Wedding Post. When it comes to Christmas it is quite easy to organize your wedding location and oftentimes you won’teven need to pay extra for Christmas decorations. In case of Christmas restaurants, they all will be available in both classic and modern Christmas styles. Yet the best recommendation will remain the same: use red and white color theme for your Christmas theme wedding. The best supporting colors may be silver or gold but do not mix them together. Another great idea for your wedding location is a family house. If your house doesn’t have much space for all your guests, you can rent one. But rental prices will definitely be very high during the period of December 1st to December 25th. So it makes sense to rent your wedding lodge either in early December or on Boxing Day (of course if you have very limited budget). Christmas time is also a splendid time to make all your Christmas ideas into reality. And what a list it will be with respect to decorations. You can hang up Christmas wreaths all around your wedding lodge, using snowmen, Santas or deers for the wreath décor. Nothing will look better than aerial Christmas stars or snowflakes. Use red and white color themes for aerial garlands, or here’s an even better idea; don’t use Christmas balls for aerial garlands but instead place them onto petite plates so that they serve as a table of “favorites”. If you add some red or red-and-white Christmas candles to the balls they will look awesome! Ginger bread and ginger bread houses will do for wedding table favorites. Do you remember we mentioned silver or gold as supporting colors? Use silver or gold Christmas trees as table numbers. If you insist on some very unique and vintageous ideas for wedding favorites, use German or Austrian Stollen or French Buche de Noel which became very popular among ordinary working class households (and later among aristocracy) during the Victorian reign. These ideas will bring more happiness to your guests than a standard wedding cake. We completely forgot about the wedding cakes! If money allows you to order a velvet Christmas cake or Christmas cake styled as a Christmas wreath, think about the uniqueness of the cake. These ideas will only work if you plan more than 2-3 Christmas wreaths for your décor. Ilex, mistletoe, red carnation and red and white roses will look perfect in your Christmas floral decorations. Do your bridesmaids like red and white? Let them be Christmas elves in red hoodies. This idea will be perfect if they are mad about pinup. Short skirts and hoodies will be splendid Christmas pinup ideas. But don’t forget to dress yourself in line with the chosen them and pick up the right wedding gown styled in that of the late 40’s. Use red and white cloaks for both the groom’s and bride’s outfit. These clothes will be perfect if you plan photo shoots under the falling snow. Red will provide the perfect contrast to winter nature and scene around you. And, of course, you simply cannot do without traditional Christmas beverages.
  • Mulled wine is a perfect vintage idea which again became popular during the days of Queen Victoria. Brought by the Dutch, German and Polish emigrants, it became the symbol of the vintage New Year and many other Christmas Affairs
  • Apple cider will go perfectly with the chosen Vintage Christmas theme. This drink was popular in Good ol’ Britain
  • Рunch (especially made of berries like cranberries) will go especially well with Irish Vintage Christmas Theme
  • Grog go great with meat courses
  • Sbiten, Russian drink of the Russia Tsars, will be a unique vintage idea for your guests especially if you invite kids

So let’s continue our winter Christmas fairy tale and look up the necessary fantasy ball gowns for our princess: Nataya Titanic supernatural dress cannot do without a splendid titanic inspired hat and Empire inspired ankle boots.

Nataya Titanic supernatural dress

Nataya Neoclassic dress in Red or in White will go perfectly in your snowflake photo shoots. Use a white ladies’ fur coat in white for the first option or a red cloak for the second. This look will match a very snowy scene such as a snow field, Snow Park or snow garden with antique sculptures.

Nataya Neoclassic Wedding Dress in Red or white

Without any doubt, the best fantasy ball gown for your Christmas miracle is the Vintage Romance Dress. If you already started dreaming up the perfect Victorian party favors and beverages, think about this; how amazing this dress will look if your party favors consist of photos from a vintage inspired photo shoot both outside (in winter park) and inside (near the Christmas tree)! Just Amazing!

Vintage Romance Dress

 We are honored to present you the peculiar model by Nataya for a winter miracle wedding: Meet Tie back fantasy ball gown with tucks. If you plan boots or shoes and if you want to come out looking gorgeous in vintage sepia shots, this set will work great for you!

Vintage wedding white shots

 Another perfect idea for a vintage Christmas wedding affair is The Porcelain Doll Dress. It may look Empire, it may look Old Hollywood and, of course, it may look Victorian.

Vintage Christmas wedding

 This vintage ball dress will go great with fingerless opera gloves, regardless of whether you wear them with or without a shrug. Opera gloves will make the complete look aristocratic and noble but at the same time the complete look won’t lose the subtleties of the home.

vintage ball white dress

 And, as we mentioned, if you plan a 40’s style Christmas party with pinup maids, your dress needs to be up to par. Use Romantic wedding gown by Nataya and wear 40’s inspired black shoes and socks. You will look truly 40’s.

Romantic wedding white gown by Nataya

 This red tulip dress will be a whimsical look with white cloak or red and white cloak. 

Vintage red tulip dress

 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…the first of your married life!

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