Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Vintage Beach Wedding

by Karen

Sun, fresh air and a tender breeze … smells like a wedding on the beach. Beach wedding is associated with sand breeze and the beach sunset. The main idea of any beach wedding is peculiarity and grace. Wedding attire along with all other accessories you got for Your Day must always be light and graceful. It’s not always necessary to leave US soil for Australia, the Mediterranean coasts, the Bahamas or the Caribbean for a dream beach wedding. You can celebrate your moments herein Florida or California. The Seas and oceans are always beautiful and often hospitable. The seas are calling and you cannot wait any longer. So let’s start planning your vintage inspired beach wedding affair right now and show you some of the key elements you absolutely must incorporate if you are pull this gala off with a bang. Plan exotic fruits, ice-cream desserts or jelly “navy cake” for the helpings. Sea creatures, sea lobsters will be splendid ideas for your tables. Please, do not forget to decorate your wedding tables with shell-candles. You can do them yourself, they will look unique, won’t be costly and it always and crafting something yourself always carries a lot of fun with it! Another low cost idea for your beach wedding is your invitation cards. Do you really plan to have them printed? Or do you plan to overpay agents for some unique ideas? Use inexpensive little boxes styled as treasure chest or use simple bottles to put your “message” into. Using goose feathers and ink, write the invitation message yourselves even if your handwriting is good for nothing. This will show your respect for the guests. Hire a photographer-enthusiast with a great portfolio. The photo-artist will share some unique ideas on his. The sun and sea shades will do the rest. Some couples prefer special tulle tents for wedding ceremonies. But sometimes renting one may be too expensive. You may again assemble your own or ask your close friends to hold the tulle while the ceremony lasts. It is both romantic and participants will tell their grandkids they were involved in your wedding ceremony. Small reggae or beach bands always play their best anthems or salsa and bachata tunes. Furthermore, it is not necessary to worry about high heels as you will need them only for your ceremony attire. Heel-strap sandals are the best idea for your wedding attire. Or you can walk up to thealtar barefooted, thus, giving your photo-artist more inspiration for snapping great shots. Again, if you plan some flower décor for your wedding lodge or reception, do your best to find unique shells. They will go better, be more appropriate and cost less than any flowers you can buy. The sea provides you the necessary level of humidity but sometimes you may not be sure of the weather. Orchids and other coastline flowers will go with your attire. There is one more unique yet not too retro idea: order or craft yourself a bouquet with shells and flowers of atlas ribbons. Always be sure of your ideas, as they are yours and will always work for you, and you bilevel be proud of them while telling your kids about your “beach wedding” crafting. The groom can feel free because classic and vintage wedding men’s attire remains the same for several centuries since the days of colonial America: light white trousers, light shirt and no ties! Again, avoid unnecessary sand in your shoes. So, what clothes from the Nataya wedding collections will go with either the barefoot look or with high-heel sandals? Remember one rule: tulle, laces, light silk are your best friends, other fabrics…not so much. No full skirts! And no long heavy veils! Use bird cages instead. Palazzo pants will go with any of Nataya Camisoles and Tops make the silhouette slender even if you are not meant to wear high heels.

Nataya Camisoles and Tops

 Nataya lace skirts and skirts with embroidery will also go with vintage wedding beach look.

Vintage wedding beach black look

Vintage Nataya wedding dress will give you the fleur of breeze and make your look truly breezy.

Vintage Nataya wedding dress

 Another breezy idea by Natayais Romantic Second Wedding Dress. It will come out great in any photoshot and make you really light and airy.

Romantic Second White Wedding Dress

 You cannot resist Vintage Nataya Romance dress if you want to look like a true queen...The queen of the beach. It won’t let you dance salsa but reggae or bachata melodies will be your royal beach music.

Vintage Nataya Romance White Dress

 Whatever your choice for vintage beach wedding is you will always look splendid. Your energy will spread to everyone and everything including your wedding shots on the pages of your wedding blog. And we will help you with it! You may also like:

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