Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Tropical Paradise Wedding

by Karen

Missed your chance to have a grand summer wedding? How do you feel about a real tropical paradise wedding instead? Believe me, my dear reader; it is a very real possibility to arrange this wedding even in the dead of cold winter. The wedding location will depend only on your budget. There are several great ideas for your wedding location but here are three that are most preferred: Hawaii (if the budget allows), Florida beach (for a slightly more restricted budget), and a botanical garden, the exotic part of it. The last option is much better because you won’t have to spend much money on floral decorations and garlands. Using palm leaves for your wedding lodge you will be able to control the entire process of decorating. If, of course, you can call these ten minutes “the process”. Mother Nature (in both cases) made everything for you; you need to make use of it. Asfor botanical gardens, try to rent many exotic butterflies, asthis new trend will give more strength and realism to your wedding line. Best ideas for your wedding may be exotica inspired favorites such as beach tables with pillows instead of chairs or green umbrellas made of exotic grass or palm leaves. Also you can place peculiar shellsas plates. The very shells will go both for brides’ and bridesmaids’ jewelry as well. These ideas will work wherever you plan to locate your wedding reception: on the beach or in a tropical garden with winter brewing outside. Use mini-models of surface boards as your invitations for the guests. Want some more ideas? Use vintage inspired Hawaiian airmails for your wedding invitations. You can have them printed or print them yourself using photo software. Style your invitations as 40’s inspired postcards with amphibian-airplanes on them. What can be better for your naughty bridesmaids than to let them wear hula skirts? This will support your tropical inspiration and allow you to use a wide variety of tropical sounds for dancing. Do not forget to make a vintage pinup styled photo! Use hammocks for you’re the wedding reception or, at least, for snapping pictures. The hammock will work great both atan amazing tropical beach or forest and at an exotic botanical garden. So, as you see, you will be independent of the weather outside. If you have a strong wish to organize your wedding in a vintage tropical style you can do so whatever the season happens to be at the time. Planning leisure time for your active guests (besides dancing) may be a bit of a challenge. But not to worry, this is why we are here.To solve this dilemma, you will need to rent a ping pong table. This idea will also work except for botanical garden. Serve tropical cocktails for refreshments. Tropical fruit are less pricy if you make the cocktails yourself or hire a professional bartender. Ordering ready-made cocktails will also go but for this convenience, you will pay twice as much. So you really want an exotic wedding cake? Here a few ideas that may serve as “upgrades” to your tropical idea: use desserts made of many layers with tropical fruit. These won’t be high-calorie products and you will be able to eat the dessert all day long without caring much about your figure. And moreover, you will keep the chosen tropical line. Plumeria, crinum, orchids and hibiscus will diversify the floral decorations and your wedding hairstyle. If you plan to rent tropical orangery, make sure these flowers are grown there. Apply one of these breeds to your hairstyle and you will look like a Hawaiian Goddess. But also you can use them in Hawaiian inspired wreaths. If you want to break all season traditions and spend “your summer” in the dead of a cold winter, choose this line. You won’t regret it! But wait! We forgot about the bride’s outfit. We talked a lot about wedding refreshments, decorations, favors and ideas, but we should have mentioned several ideas for vintage tropical wedding looks. To make your wedding apparel look vintageous you can use all Nataya sets that interlace with the glam epoch of the 40’s. Let’s have a look! To look more tropical you need to bare your shoulders especially for the tropical gardens in winter time. Vintage inspired gown in Blush and ivory will look perfect and airy. Just for the tropical gardens!

Vintage inspired gown in Blush

The second wedding dress will also be breezy if you plan something both tropical and vintage inspired.

Vintage inspired second wedding dress

Scalloped camisole + palazzo trousers? Why not! This set may provide a late 30’s inspiration and willgive an illusion of hot tropical countries even if you were celebrating the moment on a cold winter day being in some tropical inspired place.

Scalloped camisole and palazzo trousers

Nataya Informal dress in Lime and Mint will look perfect on any tropical inspired bridesmaid!

Nataya Informal dress in Lime and Mint

 Flare top with bow on the back will look airy, vintageous and right for the tropical climate! Use palazzo pants or light chiffon skirts by Nataya to complete your perfect tropical look!

Light chiffon skirts by Nataya

Vintage Nataya wedding dress will go great with a Hawaiian inspired wedding wreath. It will go extremely well with all plumeria ideas!

Vintage Nataya wedding dress

 You cannot do without Empire wedding dress for your perfect tropical outfit. This one is still on sale, maybe it is waiting for you!

Empire wedding dress

 This fragrant vintage dress in both colors will emphasize the line of tropical weddings and will go great with light pink hibiscus in your hair.

Vintage wedding dress

 We wish you paradise not only on your wedding day but also for the rest of your life!

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