Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Thanksgiving vintage wedding

by Karen

What can be tastier than fall apples in caramel? They smell like something familiar, like the sounds of childhood, like your own child’s laughter. They smell like your family dinner when every member of your family has gathered to celebrate the holiday. It smells like Thanksgiving and Warm Fall Romance. Today many couples who choose to organize their wedding on a Family Holydays face a dilemma: to choose the day they really want and not being sure of all guests’ presence or to choose a Family Holiday when you know most will be there. Nobody will resist when it comes to your family’s culinary specialties and nobody will miss the chance to taste them. And a thanksgiving wedding theme is a great option for couples getting married last minute as all arrangements can be made in no time…almost. You needn’t hire some super expensive agent either. You always know how many guests will be present or what menu you are supposed to have on Your Day. If however, you need some ideas for your wedding attire or photography or thanksgiving invitation cards…you can feel free to pick them up on our blog. What kind of Thanksgiving can you have without a traditional turkey dinner? So if the question is “what will the main course be at your wedding? "nobody will ever doubt the answer to that question. It’s obvious. And another plus for serving a traditional turkey meal is that not only is the meat tasty, but it’s also good for you. That means your guests will be full yet able to dance. Many couples prefer homemade wine to elite champagne and they are probably right: you control the number of bottles, the process of wine fermentation and you save money. And should you choose to consult your nutritionist about the sort of wine to choose, the answer will likely be gazed champagne is worse for digestion than any other sort of wine. Another area to cover is desserts. Caramel Apples are great for saving you time and money. But lets face it, the wedding cake is the real area of concern for any couple planning a wedding. Most American households have their very own special recipe for a traditional Fall cake, be it carrot cake, funnel cake or what have you. The only question is how to decorate the wedding cake so that its look is up to the affair. You can have fun preparing icing and mastic of marshmallows. You can use mastic to make fall leaves, giving your wedding cake that exquisite look of refined design. Or you can prepare the cake yourself and trust the masters to assemble them and decorate. In both cases, it will cost less than offering your relatives mystery cakes when they are starving to taste something simple and homemade. Believe me; nobody will bake specialties better than you, your mum or your granny. This is your family’s secret ingredient! Using fall foliage you can make many bouquets in just a couple of hours to decorate the wedding reception for a hundred + guests. Less guests? You won’t spend much time doing decorations. It is quite easier to work with leaves than with flowers. Yet, if you still insist on having fall flowers in your bouquets, use chrysanthemums, asters or dahlias. And, again, you can use fall foliage for decoration your invitation cards. The handmade cards will be kept because they always look unique. It is not Halloween but still Fall season. You can use petite carved pumpkins for seasonal candle décor. And, of course, there is no affair without a bride and a groom. It will be a less than official affair if you do not celebrate the occasion in some retro restaurant. So you may be quite natural when choosing your attire. Needless to say, the most suitable colors for a Thanksgiving wedding are red, brown, yellow, dirty green, claret and orange. With that in mind, many brides prefer warm beige, dirty pink or peach colors for their wedding attire. A thanksgiving wedding is high time for alternative brides to get married. It’s their time! Their palettes are up to the Fall and all Fall occasions. Artisan Vintage Dress by Nataya is the perfect vintage wedding idea for any alternative bride. It looks gorgeous but still goes with household parties.

Artisan Vintage Dress by Nataya

 One of the most versatile ideas by Nataya is Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown with Shawl. Both colors of the dress will give a match to Thanksgiving basic colors.

Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown with Shawl

 Pink Ballerina dress by Nataya also suits chosen Wedding theme.

Pink Ballerina dress by Nataya

Empire Garden Dress looks splendid! It will make the owner look the same way! But do not forget to take a shrug for a cooler Thanksgiving evening.

Empire Garden Dress

Vintage Empire Dresses in Sage by Nataya will keep Thanksgiving Fall line.

Vintage Empire Dresses in Sage by Nataya

Vintage Romance Dress in Sage and Beige will go like no other with your foliage bouquets.

Vintage Romance Dress in Sage and Beige

Neoclassical vintage dresses with puffy sleeves in Red by Nataya will be incredible idea for risky alternative brides who want to match the décor of the wedding lodge.

Neoclassical vintage dresses with puffy sleeves in Red by Nataya

 If you tend to luxury but still prefer something intimate and unique, plan your wedding for Thanksgiving Day! You won’t regret it! You may also like:

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