Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Countryside Wedding

by Karen

Fresh air and lots of space for all the guests… what this means is you will only see those you want on the most significant day in life. Many young and not so young couples now prefer to organize weddings in the country side. One of possible reasons is money. Country weddings and farm weddings oftentimes mean saving money because you can invite more guests and organize leisure time and games for everyone. There are a significant number of farms, country mansions and rustic lodges in Texas, Oklahoma and the Carolinas. Most of the farms and lodges are located nearby modest country chapels. Thus, the scene is set to give your wedding that romantic fleur every bride dreams of. The road from church to the affair won’t be less romantic: couples prefer renting country wagon carriages or stage coaches or even riding the horses themselves. To stay organized and not waste too much money on wedding consultants, please don’t hesitate to use the ideas we provide in our blog as you so please. One thing to make absolutely sure if that the owners of the rustic lodge’s have wedding reception area or a wedding reception tent in case of sudden rain. This is important so as not to pay extra for a renting a special reception space. If you want something more intimate without crowds of guests, most of whom you don’t even know, you can leave US soil for Australia’s vineyards or New Zealand’s sheep farms. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: you’ll organize a real countryside wedding and order a honeymoon lodge somewhere near the ocean. Australian and New Zealand country weddings have one peculiarity: you will have more sun than you can ever desire yet the necessary shadow for your wedding photo session not to mention plenty of time to get those splendid shots that will last you a lifetime. Country weddings give you the chance to choose from a wide range of styles of fashions for your wedding attire. You can dawn both flutter sleeve dresses and sundresses tailored in country styles. On the other hand, you needn’t be restricted with just one white color. You can choose simple embroidered lace as well as eyelet lace which is always associated with good old country fleur. The groom can also feel free to try on casual or country shirts and cowboy ties. The banjo bands will give you all the great tunes for dancing not to mention a positive and festive mood. You can also mix country tunes with Celtic inspired country melodies. These flammable tunes will make everybody dance and give you that fun wedding everyone will talk about for ages. Floral decorations should be made with sunflowers, daisies, tulips, country dwarf roses and chamomiles. All these roses may be used not only as decoration for the wedding lodge or reception but also to decorate your invitation cards. Try also to find out if there are any wheat fields or vineyard nearby. If your wedding is planned in August, the suburbs with vineyard or a rye or wheat field will give more inspiration to your photo artist. If you do not much care about the color of your dress you can choose Green Vintage inspired Country Attire by Nataya.

Green Vintage inspired Country Attire by Nataya

 If you still insist on a light lace number, then the Vintage Wedding Gown with Shawl will do great both for extra rapid dancing and a countryside photo session.

Vintage Wedding Gown

 The star of 2011, a precious pearl of the Nataya Wedding collection, will be at your disposal if you want to dawn attire that matches country chamomiles.

Nataya Wedding collection

 “Age of Love” collection by Nataya will offer you the best choice of embroidered lace apparel for country wedding and wedding photo session in with nature as a backdrop.

Age of Love collection by Nataya

 Vintage V-neck dresses in Ivory and Lavender will refresh your wedding outlook and give you the chance to choose any countryside hairstyle you want!

Vintage V-neck dresses in Ivory and Lavender

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