Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Cocktail Wedding

by Karen

A Vintage inspired cocktail wedding reminds us of flapper weddings but still may differ from the most widespread vintage themed weddings. The 20’s style fashion itself appeared in the days of Prohibition of alcohol. The United States of America is the motherland of cocktail inspired fashions. The epoch or jazz and Charleston helped women to reveal their pretty legs and give the birth to a new fashion called cocktail dresses. Remembering those glamorous yet dangerous days, when every day promised jailed for drinking alcohol, people are still mad about cocktail parties and want to arrange their weddings styled similarly to the weddings in the days of the Prohibition? If you plan to keep the flavor of the cocktail party but plan not have extra strong drinks, then go for the berry punch. Add a little alcohol for the gown-ups and no nix it for kids. If you plan a cocktail wedding at home and are not about to waste time preparing cocktails but still have a limited budget for arrangements and cannot afford hiring bartenders, prepare raspberry punch. You can find this recipe with a few simple keystrokes on google. And it will be a really low cost cocktail but will taste expensive and delicious. Overall you may use the following cocktails ideas for the cocktails once popular in the far away 20’s:
  • · Mint Julep
  • · Champagne Punch
  • · Martini Cocktail

If you plan to pour Mint Juleps for your cocktail party then for food, you cannot do without the 1920’s classic Great Gatsby’s Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with Parmesan Cheese. Use vases with lemons or chocolate candy for your floral décor. It will work for your cocktail theme and look unique. One other very cool benefit of using lemons and chocolates in vases is the guests will start shooting these unique creations with their cameras and you will have many unique shots from your wedding. Want to choose the best snacks that will go with any type of soft and strong drinks? Choose Belgian chocolate. Dark and bitter chocolates will do for any type of drinks and won’t ruin your bridal figure. It is also a great idea if you decide to avoid having a wedding altogether. If you plan a wedding reception, you can either use your own garden with a swimming pool, or rent a house for one day which is always cheaper than renting a retro restaurant for the entire day. The best idea for a wedding reception is definitely doing it near a swimming pool. The water in the pool will help you control the necessary climate for your guests, Belgian chocolate and… your dress. When prohibition began in 1920 the flapper dancers couldn’t get the necessary drive from the air and they needed inspiration from really strong drinks. And the fruit were just a camouflage for alcoholic drinks. No cocktail parties of 20’s and 30’s could do without a jazz orchestra, swimming pool and cocktail dresses. The cocktail dress was less luxurious than an evening gown with a tail but it was far more gorgeous than their daily dresses. Here are some ideas by Nataya for vintage inspired cocktail wedding dresses. One of the best vintage inspired cocktail dresses for your affair is the Victorian Nataya Dress in Beige. It will fit splendidly. But you should choose your own size, not a size bigger.

Victorian Nataya Dress in Beige

 Vintage Hollywood Nataya Dress or Nataya Short dress is perfect for an extraordinary alternative bride who wants bright colors on her wedding dress. 

Vintage Hollywood Nataya Dress

 The classic cocktail outfit for vintage inspired brides is the Montmartre Doll Top and Vintage inspired cocktail skirt. This set keeps one secret however, using 20’s style shoes you will look like 20’s inspired bride. But if you wear high heels on black shoes and white socks, your look will be referred to as early rock-n-roll 40’s.

Vintage inspired cocktail skirt

 Royal flirt dress from early Nataya collection is a brilliant dress for vintage inspired cocktail wedding.

Royal flirt dress from early Nataya collection is a brilliant dress

 Nataya collection provides many ideas for alternative brides and cocktail wedding affairs. Use the Crystal Vintage top, down Nataya skirt and you will see how this set will work for you.

Crystal Vintage top

 Montmantre Doll Collection by Nataya gives you many perfect looks for you to choose from. Another vintage inspired cocktail idea was the Vintage Wedding Gown styled as the 20’s.

Vintage Wedding Gown styled as the 20’s

 In planning for a truly memorable affair, your best bet is to go with the vintage inspired cocktail wedding theme. You will see it will be memorable! You may also like:

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