Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Bohemian Chic Wedding

by Karen

Today many young couples prefer naming their weddings bohemian. But not all of them clearly understand what this wedding theme really means. Let’s get to know this theme a little better! The French bohemian is for "gypsy" and, thus, true "Bohemians" were referred as to travelers from Central Europe. With the help of Vanessa Bale and Virginia Woolfthis style became extra popular. But these literary divas gave the style a re-birth along with an updated, more modern trend. Indeed,the style existed long before Ms. Woolf. After the times of the Bloomsbury Group, Bohemian style is referred to as something poetic, unconventional and to those who lead artistic lives. Young Bohémienne Natalie Clifford is the very representative for the classic bohemian style. Hood, no sleeves and leggings are the most famous features of classic bohemian style. This style still exists! Modern or alternative bohemian style is generally referred to as boho-chic style. It connected the main fashion streams and times of the late 19th century with hippies of the 1960’s-70s. You can find Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins on the red Carpet dawning true boho-chic attire. Both styles use many flowers for hairstyles and flower décor. Effie Gray married a pre-Raphaelite painter John Millaisand was known to have gathered foxgloves to place on her head. And thus, she inspired all brides around the world to use floral wreaths for bohemian weddings. Of course, the flowers were used before Effie Gray, but she inspired are-birth of floral décor in bohemian inspired weddings. So now all field and pseudo-field flowers are everlasting supporting décor for bohemian inspired weddings. Remember, the more flowers, the better. Here are some Classic bohemian wedding ideas:
  • Use palazzo pants or leggings,
  • Dress tops with unique sleeves;
  • Apply floral wreath for hairstyle;
  • Field flowers for decor;
  • Cans will go with flower vases,
  • Aerial decorations should be made of flowers, cans, papers, shells, wool balls etc.
And now let’s look up the modern or alternative bohemian wedding:
  • Ruffly floral skirts or embroidered skirts will go with the lower part of you attire
  • Bohemian style tops or boleros will go with the upper part
  • Unique bohemian-style plaits with vivid flowers are up to Bohemian brides’ hairstyle
  • Semi-field flowers for floral décor with usage of lisianthus flowers will be best for ornaments
  • Heart-shaped kites and flying lanterns will be a lot of fun
  • Whimsical garlands, garlands of ribbons will be up to the chosen line.
  • Use retro stickers for the cans so that the cans for floral decorations look both bohemian and vintageous

And all these ideas will save you tons of money. Now let’s switch our attention to choosing the right attire and apparel for you Vintage Bohemian theme wedding. You can fall in love with Bohemian Tops and airy skirts from “Bohemian Camouflage” collection by Nataya. These sets will go better with alternative bohemian wedding ideas.

Bohemian Tops by Nataya

Empire Garden dress matches the classic Bohemian Theme wedding perfectly. Nobody can resist taking a snapshot of you in this dress with a floral wreath on your head.

Garden dress for bohemian brides

Short Sleeve top By Nataya with any airy skirt or pants will go both for classic and modern bohemian styles.

Short Sleeve top By Nataya

Bohemian Romance Top will go better with leggings or pants, thus, giving your attire the chic of classic Bohemian wedding. bohemian tops for alternative brides Nataya Romance Top with leggings or palazzo pants will make you a classic bohemian alternative bride. But if you cannot resist wearing skirts it will go with a long length skirt and in this case the set will turn you into a boho-chic bride.

Nataya Romance Top with leggings or palazzo pants

Nataya airy skirt worn with various airy tops will complete the boho-chic attire. It goes especially well with the Nataya “Bohemian Camouflage” Bolero.

Boho-chic attire

 Another brilliant idea for a classic Bohemian outfit is Nataya Tunic with bizarre shorts.

Bohemian outfit is Nataya Tunic

 "Monmartre Doll" Nataya collection presents a great example of a Vintage inspired jacket for Winter Bohemian Weddings.

Vintage inspired jacket for Winter Bohemian Weddings

Nataya Vintage Off-shoulder dress produced in very small quantities. Thus, you will be really unique wearing this attire on your wedding day. Dirty pink, off-shoulder sleeves, all these features will make you look like a modern Bohemian gal.

Nataya Vintage Off-shoulder dress

The Mint Jeweled Top plus mint jeweled skirt make you a Bohemian Ariel. And it will go both with classic wreath and a modern Bohemian hairstyle.

Mint Jeweled Top plus mint jeweled skirt

 And to finish our blogging “runway” we recommend the classic Nataya Bohemian inspired Fashion. This dress is great for a very risky bride who still insists on having a classic Bohemian wedding. The splendid colors of this dress will reanimate the old spirit of Bohemian community and you will come out great in your wedding shots!

Nataya Bohemian inspired Fashion

 We wish you a happy, vivid Bohemian inspired wedding!

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