Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Black and White Vintage Wedding

by Karen

The mixture of black and white will never go out of fashion. These themes match with other themed weddings such as mob weddings, Victorian weddings, alternative gothic weddings, vintage weddings, etc… This wedding theme is beyond the grasp of time and superstition. The idea of black and white weddings appeared among alternative brides as a protest against commonly accepted wedding canons. Grooms dawned white frocks with black trousers and brides started wearing white dresses with black accessories. This is just one version of why black-and-white wedding themes are so popular. But nobody can say for sure why and how black and white weddings it really started. Some couples prefer making unexpected accents for their weddings using flowers in fuchsia, or ribbons for the forks in green. But only pure black-and-white wedding themes look luxurious and gorgeous. So try to avoid unnecessary accents and shadows. This wedding theme is the same for green wedding themes. 70% white and 30% black. If you insist on 70% black and 30% white in your attire and decorations, this will look less expensive and much simpler…Somewhat of a Halloween Kitsch Party. Use black and white invitations to point out the wedding theme and hint that your guests should be up to the chosen line. There are many ready black-and-white invitation cards or, again, you can do them yourselves. Black-and-white party favors play a very large role in black-and-white wedding themes. You can use black-and-white party favor boxes, numbers for the tables, and ribbons for the forks. Binding frocks with one thin black ribbon and one white ribbon is arguably the best thing you can do for the men in the wedding. You can find the a glass designer to do something special for the wedding champagne and glasses. The glass designer can make them as fabulous as European glass designer Kristina Batist does. This specifics will support the line of your wedding. There are many black-and white cakes on sale and they can all be made especially as you require. You can choose cupcakes or “flapper-style” cakes with flapper style feathers. All will do with the chosen theme. There are plenty of pros and cons to choosing jewelry. Usually couples choose white gold, inlayed with black diamonds or black sapphires. Yet some prefer simple white gold and, thus, in the indecision, a bride is let dawn a beaded necklace. There are plenty of white or black flowers in floral shops. Most couples prefer ordering snow white flowers with indigo-black elements and decorations. Or, contrary to popular belief, they prefer using black flowers (usually lilies or roses) with white elements and ornaments. But there are two classic ideas for flower décor: white gerbera daisies with black inside or white anemones with black on the inside. They will all look much more luxurious and expensive than ordinary black or white flowers. You can also use these flowers for your wedding hairdo. But which vintage style dresses will match the chosen theme? Glad you asked! Of course, there is one rule: there mustn’t be any tints of white. White must always be snow like. Only this shade will go with black accessories. It comes ideally when you chose something ready-made in black-and-white. But choosing the right accessories may also bring a lot of fun! So, let’s see what dresses from Nataya Collection you can wear for your black-and-white vintage wedding. The classical idea for black-and-white flapper wedding is the Classical 20’s Tango dress. It is ready-made in black-and-white and, therefore, you will need only a pair of black shoes.

20s tango black-and-white flapper wedding

The White Empire Dress by Nataya will need some accessories for the wedding attire but otherwise will look gorgeous and expensive.

White Empire Dress by Nataya

Nataya Alternative Wedding Dress from “The age of Love collection” is great for any wedding attire including black-and-white theme wedding.

Nataya Alternative Wedding Dress

White Whimsical Dress by Nataya, unfortunately was sold out, but we are sure the coming collection will present us many new ideas for black-and-white attire.

White Whimsical Dress by Nataya

Vintage Titanic Dress in black or white colors will go both with black-and-white wedding reception as well as with black-and white hair ornaments for ceremony.

Vintage Titanic Dress in white

Palazzo sets in white and palazzo sets in black can be mixed up and be a great alternative to informal attire for your wedding.

Palazzo sets in white

 You shouldn’t forget about a bolero top. Both black and white colors will be up to your wedding line!

Wedding vintage style top

 You wedding attire will be something great and you will be a splendid bride because you chose this glam line.

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