Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: "Alice in Wonderland" Wedding

by Karen

He was born English but now his cultural heritage belongs to the World. His cat, rabbit and queen made him fabulous, but above all these accomplishments, we know him best for a young girl called Alice. And many couples planning their offbeat weddings use Carroll’s scenario because it remains the enormous source for fairy tale wedding inspirations. Don’t you think Nataya Prom and Wedding dresses have much in common with Lewis Carroll’s protagonists? You may have the greatest wedding ever if you are on a tight budget and it may be the perfect idea if you want something grand. So, the first step for your offbeat fairy tale wedding is to choose the right wedding location. Actually for restricted budgets any green garden with green lawns will do. If you can afford more and want more conformity with the scenario rent a garden with… a hedge labyrinth. But in both cases use the true green landscape because using this you will have the greatest photo shoots from your Hatter inspired tea ceremony. All Victorian, i.e. Hatter, inspired tables must have either ivory or light peach colored table cloths. Use as many table clocks as possible and hang garlands of clocks all over to add a bit more of Carroll’s reality. As for other favorites and decorations, use muffins with “eat me” signatures, tiny alcohol bottles with “drink me” labels. Use the same labels for tea cups,and remember, the more clocks, pots, cups, and plates the more real and true your wedding is regardless if the quantity of dishes exceeds the number of guests.Also, if possible, ordercookies in the shape of Cheshire cat’s smile. Amazing! Attach a key to your wedding invitation and write by hand “Open me” instead of having the postcards printed. Do not forget about leisure time for your guests. Arrange a croquet lawn and decorate it with cards. You can also “hire” pink flamingo figurines as part of your croquet leisure décor. And as for real animals, hire white rabbits with red eyes and red bows. Let them run all around your garden, bringing fun and pleasure for all your guests! Big Mushrooms will decorate any lawn and please your youngest guests. But what Hatter’s inspired tea-party can do without offbeat hats? Buy or rent bizarre Victorian inspired hats for your guests. And do not forget about yourselves, the bride and the groom should have the biggest hats! This will be tons of fun for everyone! And, certainly, you should pick up a perfect match to your whimsical Carroll inspired hat line! Nataya One Shoulder Oscar dress will go perfectly with “tablet” hats and other very narrow hats. Hat brims (if you have them) must not extend your to your neckline.

Nataya One Shoulder Oscar dress

 The Vintage inspired wedding gown, on the contrary, may go with a very perfect hat that has a unique brim.

Vintage inspired wedding gown

 The Tulle Wedding Dress in Sage matches all Victorian inspired offbeat hats splendidly. You can try almost every hat and you will be surprised how suitable it may appear. The only minus is that you will have to pick up the right color so that the overall outfit looks offbeat but not scream it!

Tulle Wedding Dress in Sage

 The Romantic ballerina dresses in three colors will be perfect with the most whimsical yet romantic hats.

Romantic ballerina dresses

 The “Bohemian Layers” wedding dress along with other vintage wedding gowns from “Wedding Extra Fashions” collection combine perfectly with all aforementioned “Alice in Wonderland” ideas. You can wear any style in any color as they all make you into a noble aristocratic gal with a very frivolous look.

Bohemian Layers wedding dress

 The Red Carpet dresses in two colors is yet another variation of classic Alice’s Victorian dress. You will only need to choose the right hairstyle for the outfit.

Red Carpet dresses

 And the Titanic Inspired Wedding Set in periwinkle may serve as a modern alternative to Alice’s look. Oftentimes many brides associate this color with that of Alice.

Titanic Inspired Wedding Set

 We wish that you make your “Alice in Wonderland” madness into reality and let your wedding be truly offbeat!

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