The Best Styles for Petite Gals

by Karen

Petite and short gals may look no less sexy than tall ladies. Height is not the barrier to self-confidence. Many celebrities cannot boast of their tallness; rather, they boast of their tiny figures. Take, for example, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Shakira or Kylie Minogue. All of them can be called “celeb-petites.”
White dress Styles for Petite Gals
If you are a petite and have a strong wish to look A-class, you should follow our advice here.

Petite-Gal Figure Types

We have talked in almost all of our blogs about the different type of female figures and their influence on the overall look of those that possess them. If you have read about all these figure types but none of the tips are working, you are a really petite gal.

The Hourglass Figure

Should you possess an hourglass figure with a well-defined waistline as well as hip and shoulder lines that are almost equal, you need to: • Emphasize your proportions with your style. • Remember that vertical elements such as straps, seams, slit, prints and embroidery will make you look taller. The same thing is true of the vertical appliqué. • Keep your overall silhouette balanced and proportionate with the upper and lower elements of your wardrobe. • Understand that highly tightened leggings, pants and pencil skirts are definitely for you. Nevertheless, there are also “buts” even for your figure, which is envied by many women: • Do not wear shapeless styles. • You should avoid upper- and empire-style dresses, especially if you have a plump bust line. • Do not wear big prints. • Do not wear “too maxi” dresses or skirts. • Do not wear loose tops. The following styles by Nataya are perfect for your hourglass figure:
Audrey Vintage Style Party Gown in Azure by Nataya

(vintage style gown)

Vintage style jacket

(vintage style jacket)

Elastic Back Matching Camisole by Nataya

(vintage style cami for petites)

Vintage style top for petites

(vintage style top for petites)

Vintage style wedding dress

(vintage style wedding dress)

Vintage romance dress

(vintage romance dress)

The Pear-Shaped Figure

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you need to make your hips appear less narrow. Here are some recommendations: • Accent the upper part of your body. You can achieve this effect by using ornaments, shawls, wide collars, upper appliqués and brooches. • Always use darker colors for skirts and trousers. • The length of tops, pullovers, blouses, camis and jackets should finish at the widest part of your hip line. Skirts should be knee or lower-than-knee length. • Wear flutter sleeves or sleeves styled like bat wings. • Exchange the flapper-style silhouette for a wardrobe that does not have full skirts but that incorporates Empire styles or has a La Belle Époque emphasis. You should also avoid: • ruches and ruffles • raglan sleeves • anything that accentuates your hip line • miniskirts Here are some perfect styles by Nataya for the gals who have a pear-shaped figure:
Vintage style jacket in black

(vintage style jacket in black)

Titanic style dress outfit

(the Titanic style outfit)

rosette skirt for petites

(rosette skirt for petites)

Vintage skirt outfit for petites

(vintage skirt outfit for petites)

Elegant chiffon outfit for petites

(elegant chiffon outfit for petites)

Vintage style dress for petites

(vintage style dress for petites)

The Reverse-Triangle Figure

Gals with this figure type have a wide shoulder line and narrow hips. If you are one of these ladies, you should incorporate prints, wide pockets, handbags and so on in your wardrobe. You can wear ruffles and ruches on your hip lines and an Empire-style silhouette without any worries. Raglan and tightened sleeves are great for you as well. As usual, this figure has its own “buts”: • Do not wear multi-layered clothes. • Do not wear pockets on your waistline or bust line. • Avoid wearing mini-skirts Here are some visual keys to help ladies with reverse-triangle figures:
Babydoll dress for petites

(the babydoll dress for petites)

Vintage inspired wedding dress for petites

(vintage inspired wedding dress for petites)

Empire style dress for petites

(empire style dress for petites)

artisan dress for petites

(artisan dress for petites)

Rectangular Figures

Ladies with a rectangular figure type should always remember that they need to create the illusion of curves where they do not really exist. This figure type has no almost no natural differences between shoulders, hips and waist. That’s why ladies with this figure type need to wear some extraordinary details on tops, blouses, jackets and so on. Use pockets or embroidery in both the upper and lower parts of your wardrobe. You may get away with wearing miniskirts if you pair them with long tops. As usual, there are some cautions you should keep in mind: • Do not wear shapeless garments. • Do not accentuate your waist, but the lower waist silhouette of the flapper style is really for you. • Do not wear outfits with pockets that are too big. Here are several dresses by Nataya as suggestions for ladies with rectangular bodies:
1920's style dress for petites

(the 1920's style dress for petites)

Vintage style dress in black for petites

(vintage style dress in black for petites )

Vintage style dress in white

(vintage style dress in white)

Tricks to Make Petite Gals Look Taller

The following tips are recommendations to help you look taller. Of course, we listed many of them in our winter postings, but now it’s time to mention some of them again and add to the list of tricks for petite gals. • Always use vertical details such as prints, zippers or buttons. • Darker colors make you look taller. • Add some bright accessories if you know know your exact figure type. • Show some skin — you may wear some miniskirts if they fit your figure type. You may also wear décolleté or knee-length dresses to make you look taller and younger. • A ¾-length sleeve will make your hands look longer and, therefore, your overall figure will appear taller as well. • Shoes on high (stiletto) heels with bare toes may also “add” a couple of inches to your height. You can also wear boots and bottoms in darker colors. • V-necklines also make your figure appear longer and taller. • Always use your fist to control the size of your print. The prints on your clothing shouldn’t be bigger than your fist. It is not impossible for you to look really sexy! We will list several extra tips on evening fashion for petite-size gals in our next post!

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