The Best Signature Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

California-based designer Nataya has always drawn her inspiration from opera, ballet and the art of the past epochs. You may track this cultural heritage in nearly all her styles and dresses. Some may be looking for the ballet-inspired dresses or dresses inspired by Diaghilev’s seasons in Paris. That was the time of La Belle Époque – the golden years of art and dancing. Others may be searching for the perfect apparel for 1920s-inspired flapper wedding and jazz evenings. They may find splendid models while looking through the catalogue. Some may love the art deco years and prefer glam dresses inspired by African luxury and excavations in Egypt during the first two decades of the twentieth century. Again, offers you many suitable variations. There are probably some fans of the Victorian and post-Victorian neo-vintage style as well. also offers you these splendid gowns for the coming spring. Let us start, however, with the best of the best models. We have selected 10 best-selling dresses that represent each of Nataya’s sources of inspiration. We are glad to share these ideas with you!

TITANIC ROMANCE offers 19 Titanic-inspired gowns for different spring affairs. The mother of the bride or mother of the groom, bridesmaids, alternative brides, guests of honor and second-marrying brides will find the appropriate style and color for them! But the Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry is one of the most beloved dresses by all our customers. It may beautify both mothers of the brides and bridesmaids. This model is definitely the symbol of all Nataya’s dresses in the Titanic style. The dress itself brings back memories of Rose in the film Titanic by James Cameron.
Boho Nataya dress


Empire style by Nataya is available in three different lengths: mini, midi and long length. But the long white wedding gowns in ivory have sold out completely, which proves the immense popularity of this style. Perfect apparel, which has won fame among bridesmaids and sisters of the groom/ bride, is the short Empire Gown in black. This gown is perfect for prom parties and parties planned for evening. This apparel goes best with the smoky eye makeup styled according to the early 1910s.
Empire Gown in black


You may remember us mentioning Russian Ballet Seasons in Paris. Those seasons were so popular that we still remember them over 100 years later. Some of us are trying to make an impression of a breezy and airy gal, even if she is plus size. The following Ballerina Dresses in pink and black will help make your dream come true. The dress does look vivid. Pink is great for most ages, while the black model is better for ladies over 25. The pink model will look great during marine wedding ceremonies and nice daylight celebrations, whereas black will go perfectly with evening parties.
allerina Dresses in pink
allerina Dresses in black


We are glad to present the new ideas from Nataya for the coming spring styled as art deco gowns. The excavations in Greece and Egypt during the art deco era had much influence on art deco fashion. And the following Greece model is the perfect apparel for skinny gals who want to make an art deco impression.
Art deco gowns


The post-Victorian style of the Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia and Ivory will always make an impression upon people of the post-Victorian fairy tales. Some gals mentioned this dress as “Alice in Wonderlandish” because of the impressive style of the lower skirts that do recall the skirts that gals used to wear during the late Victorian and post-Victorian epochs.
Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia


Alternative brides often want to express the same spirit of freedom that was expressed by some Victorian gals who did not wear corsets and refused to follow world fashion trends. The next Boho-style gown is hardly popular among bridesmaids, but it got extra popular among all alternative brides who also preferred the expression and passion of golden era of Bohemian fashion.
Boho vintage fashion style gown
We are really glad to remind you about Nataya’s best-selling models. Who knows, maybe there are some readers who have heard about Nataya for the first time and have discovered the splendid apparels by fabulous fashion designer?

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