The best shoes for retro bridal looks

by Karen

Your mood on your wedding day may depend on the shoes you’re wearing. Most brides are not accustomed to having all eyes on them, and if they are wearing uncomfortable shoes, it can make the situation worse. That’s why it’s so important for a bride to wear the right shoes.
Retro bridal dress

In our grandmothers' day, it was difficult to find the perfect shoe in the perfect style, but these days, it’s easy to find the style you’re looking for online. However, what do you do if you’re not sure what style of wedding shoes to buy or if you need some tips to make sure your wedding shoes won’t betray you on the most important day of your life? Glad you asked! Try to wear your new shoes two weeks before the wedding. Wear them at least five to seven times to make sure they are comfortable. If you feel discomfort while wearing them a third or a fourth time, you should think about selecting another pair. If you get calluses or blisters while wearing the shoes, you will need some time for your feet to heal. Use special pads to make your shoes more comfortable.

Styles and sizes

Most brides have to decide between comfort and style, but they should always choose comfort. Wedding shoes should match the color of the wedding dress. Modern shoes may go with retro- or vintage-inspired gowns, resulting in a neo-vintage look. If you wear a long gown, you may not care if the shoes are not suitable for the style of the dress, but retro brides often wear short or tea-length dresses. These types of dresses need a pair of perfect, comfortable shoes, even if the shoes are more of a modern style. If you want to dance all night, you don’t want your feet to be killing you. Of course, if you are having a beach wedding, you may go barefoot and wear ankle bracelets as one of your wedding accessories. Even so, the sand may be cold in the evening and two or three hours of Bachata on the sand may ruin the skin on your feet. You won’t regret it if you wear shoes without heels. After two or three hours of wedding dances, you will thank your comfortable pair of shoes. However, flats are best reserved for tall brides or brides who are almost as tall as the groom. If the bride is very petite or is much shorter than the groom, high heels are a must. High heels should be 1/10 to 1/14 of your foot length. That means that if your heels are 1/14 of your foot length, you’ll be comfortable. Another good rule is that the heels must not exceed 1/4 of the sum of the length of the foot and the width of the foot. If you choose heels that adhere to these ratios, you won’t have to worry about discomfort. Remember, however, you’ll be on your feet a lot on your wedding day, so do your best to find shoes you really love in the perfect size.

Tiny details

Like we mentioned before, wedding shoes should complement the dress’ style, color and silhouette. That also means that any sequins, beads or other types of decorations should match the main color of the dress.

Seasonal issues

The season also influences the style of wedding shoes. Sandals or retro shoes may be good for spring and summer, but the straps must be made of leather or natural fabrics. Shoes made of natural fabrics or leather are great for warm spring and autumn weather. Shoes made of leather substitutes don’t let the air through, so your feet may become uncomfortable on a warm spring or autumn day. Short boots or mid-calf boots made of thin leather will absolutely work for cooler weather conditions in the early spring or the late fall. Thin leather boots or over-the-knee boots are great for winter weather. Boots without heels and with longer toes are great with long winter gowns, especially if you plan to have a winter-inspired photo shoot. To be continued...

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