The Best Shoe Styles to Go With the Retro Wedding Dresses

by Karen

The best working rule to complete your bridal look is to purchase the shoes more loose than usual. First you should buy the dress, then purchase the accessories, and only then you should look for suitable shoes. Overall your look must come out splendid, even if you are an offbeat bride. The chosen style of shoe must not run counter to the chosen style of the dress and its color. As for the most preferable color, it may be obvious because you will have the dress picked out, and you can estimate the color of the shoes visually. The problems may appear when you start choosing the style of the shoes.

It should be mentioned that a great trick for shoes is to use silicon-based pads for the new wedding shoes. So, if you have worn you pair of shoes but you are not still sure of them, you may place such pads into a bag for the day of the wedding and use them if necessary. The pads for an entire foot will help you to wear high heels. They will also help you with winter wedding boots on high heels. These pads are typically used to prevent rubbing from corns and plantar callosities. The material helps to decrease the overall load of the feet.

Left pads for the heels will help you while wearing even stiletto-heeled shoes, and they also prevent callosities. However, their main function is help wearing extremely high heels. The special pads for toes will help you with retro-inspired shoes. The shoes in the styles of the 20’s or 30’s usually have longer toes. In order not to wear your shoes out, you may want to use the above-mentioned style of pads. There are also gel straps for sandals. You can wear any type of beach shoes, sandals or flip flops on the wedges and feel comfortable, but you should choose the type of pads depending on the style of shoes and season outside. Now lets’ have a glimpse at several of the more popular vintage-inspired looks and try to pick up the best style of the modern shoes for them.

Flapper Style

The flapper style dresses and sets by Nataya in midi length will look absolutely beautiful with long toe shoes on the midi heels. You may also take a chance with strappy lace-up sandals if you have planned a wedding affair for the warm fall or a spring day. Yet, such style will mostly go with a very petite gal’s silhouette. It is better not to use flat models with the aforementioned silhouette. Ribbon pump models will keep the fleur of the roaring flapper dancer, but the wedge shoes are definitely a “don't” for the flapper or la belle époque styles.
Flapper style wedding dresses

(flapper style)

The Empire Style

The empire style implies both neo-vintage and stylish classics. That means rather conservative yet very sexy shoes are the best variations to go with this retro style. Stiletto sandals, pump shoe models (preferably without ribbons) and medium sized heels will also go. Depending on the length of your dress, the ballet inspired flat shoes may also give a perfect match. Again, no block high heels or wedge platforms!
Empire style implies both neo-vintage and stylish classics

(the empire style dress)

Peep-toe booties in laces will be a match if you prefer the short or midi sized model with the usage of laces, tulle or gauze.

The Romantic 30’s Style

The classic romantic style refers to the class and glamour of the 30s. One of the best variants is definitely long toe shoes on the midi stiletto heels. If you are a petite gal, then you can afford to wear shoes on high stiletto heels; however, you should be sure of the load you will have to face. Mesh and ribbon pump models in classic colors are also a perfect composition of the “past” and “modern”.
Romantic 30’s Style retro wedding dresses

(the 30's style outfit)

Strappy lace up sandals on high heels? Why not? Remember that the basic color should be exactly the same as the color of the gown.

Rose Inspired Titanic Dresses

An unexpected solution is definitely the multi-way boots in white. Laced-up Victorian inspired booties are the classic genre of this style. Do avoid wearing over-knee boots with this dress, as the booties will always be the better choice. Medium heels with long toes will also go. Strapped sandals on high heels? Definitely not! But if you look closer at the peep-toe booties in laces they may be your best choice, especially if the color of the booties correlates with the color of your Titanic inspired model.


Rose Inspired Titanic Retro Wedding Dresses


(Rose Titanic dress)

Again wedges, block and wide heels are not for these dresses.

Bohemian Retro Style

The bow sandals, classic shoes and pump models won’t go much with the boho style.
Bohemian Retro Style wedding dresses

The Bohemian inspired style has been an alternate look from the aforementioned retro styles. That means you will have a wide range of models and styles to try on. The wedge models with or without ribbons, the printed wedge models, the flower-trim wedge shoes and striped wedges will be perfect for boho sets. This will be one of the best ratios between “retro” and “our days”. However, gladiator inspired sandals with gems or floral decorations will also be perfect, regardless of whether you have chosen a flat model or a model on midi/high heels. But that’s not all . . .

Chunky-heel sandals and block high heel sandals with floral prints will be also up to the spirits of Bohemian gal. Such sandals may have straps or long floral ribbons. All the mentioned models will look splendid with this style. Another offbeat idea to go is wearing the printed wide heels. How do you feel about Paris inspired cut-out wedge model? It will also go with the Bohemian dresses. Cork heel sandals will also go with classic boho garments. For those tallish boho brides who are self-conscious about their height, try thong and T-strap flat sandals. We guess, you will have splendid hours of shoe shopping right after you have chosen the perfect retro style for your wedding apparel. Let the wedding shoes help you to step into the new life and let all the guests remember your breezy and graceful gait! You may also love

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