Best Season for retro weddings. Pros and Cons

by Karen

Apart from natural factors, each season can be called good and bad for a wedding because every season has both the beautiful and the not so, which brings us to the nature of why we are here. Below we have organized a very thorough list of the pros and the cons of having a wedding in every one of the four seasons available to us.


Summer is considered to be the most romantic and perfect season for wedding ceremonies. The weather, the temperatures outside, the scene … all these factors are perfect both for wedding walks and wedding photo shoots.
Summer Wedding dresses

(Nataya wedding dress for summer weddings)


The bride can demonstrate her apparel in beauty; she is fully exposed during the summer time. She can afford wearing any style of garb, open or closed back, extra deep V-necklines or even bare shoulders – this is the season to allow a bride to let her creativity and sexiness run wild with wonder. The affairs can be held in the open air, by the sea…and even under the starry night’s sky. Isn’t it a dream of many of us gals? Such variations are possible only during the hot seasons. And it doesn’t hurt that the stars are brighter in the summer. Despite the fact that supermarkets are full of select fruit year-round, summer generally brings us more favorable prices. And who doesn’t want to please their guests with tables of assorted fruit and fruit desserts while saving money. You will be able to enjoy the city or seaside walks. The summer will let you rest by the shore and even save money on your honeymoon trip because even your own state will be warm enough to present you with miracle moments. You will be able to wear any shoes you want.


Usually many couples prefer organizing their wedding parties during the summer seasons. That’s why you will have to face the extra high level of competition for the wedding lodge of your dreams, restaurants, photographers or even spots on the beach. If you live in a small town, most places of interests may be crowded with other couples. Most of your friends will probably be on vacation, thereby limiting the number of guests you can have at the affair. The hot climate makes you think over all solutions of “sweaty” problems. You will need to find a perfect style and colors so that your dress looks splendid even on an unpredictably hot day.


Generally, the better months for weddings during the fall are either September or October, depending on the state you are in and Mother Nature. Planning your affair indoors is always a great idea to eliminate those unexpected conditions that may spoil your wedding party.
Colorful boho vintage dress for fall weddings

(colorful boho vintage dress for fall weddings)


The warmer fall opens many possibilities for the bride to choose a perfect wedding gown. Some photographers, DJs, florists etc… cut their prices for their services because the fall is a less popular season for wedding, forcing them to battle for your business by cutting prices. If you plan a wedding on Halloween or Thanksgiving, most of your guests or even all can be present at your ceremony. Also planning a wedding on these holidays provides a built-in theme, simplifying the planning for the affair. Indian summer is a splendid season because it is neither hot nor cold, that means you may afford wearing any dress and not worry about the “sweaty” problems nor shiver with cold. The surrounding scenes are full of colors and they will “paint” your wedding album making it into a fairy tale book. The wedding dress traders may give special fall discounts for wedding dresses.


You will have fewer possibilities for outdoor photo shoots. In most states the weather may be very unpredictable. So if you are strong enough and have a plan B or C and account for f terrible weather conditions, you can plan the affair for a beautiful natural gold and red color wedding. You may not be able to wear any shoes you want. And on top of the previous, you will have to choose the perfect high heeled boots to disguise the mood on a rainy day. Another problem is finding the perfect wedding coat or cloak if you want to have a fall inspired wedding photo shoot. And do not forget that this cloak should match the chosen wedding dress in both color and style.


The air is fresh and transparent, and the frost is associated with the winter miracles. If you are not a person who is very sensitive to cold, you can get use of the nearest park full of snow. Regardless of whether the snow falls or not, the affair, the photo shots and you will come out like a winter fairy tale.
Nataya Titanic Dress for winter romantic weddings

(Nataya Titanic Dress for winter romantic weddings)


Most photographers, restaurants and stylists offer very deep discounts because statistically winter is the least popular season for wedding affairs. The aforementioned photo shoots will come out like a fairy tale when all is said and done. The homemade cuisine with maple syrup will keep the atmosphere ripe for winter miracles. New collections appear in Winter and late fall, giving the bride a wider range of dresses to chose from. Cons The walk on a winter day may be a bit problematic for some. If the snow is melting, your perfect red or white apparel may get ruined, which will make it difficult to have a truly stellar photo shoot. If you live in a town and plan your wedding for December, you and your guests may also have problems buying presents due retailer sales and discounts, and Christmas traffic jams. Also, don’t forget this is the season where the risk of catching the flu or a cold is heightened. Most of fruit and sweets may be extra expensive if you do not live in a state like Florida or California. Sometimes your white wedding dress (let alone the coat) may blend and merge with the scenes surrounding you. Hence selecting the perfect wedding gown for the ceremony and the outdoor photo shoot may be a problem.


Spring also has its share of advantages and disadvantages.
Vintage dress for spring weddings)

(vintage dress for spring weddings)


The prices are usually stable. The nature wakes after its winter miracle hibernation and everything around looks like a scene from a fantasy world. The young foliage will come into contrast with your wedding dress in white or ivory and thus, you will come out perfect in your wedding photos. If you get married in warm April or late May you may opt for an outdoor banquet. Which also makes organize leisure games for the guests a bit more alluring.


Some wedding salons cannot recommend what dresses to choose unless it’s a retro inspired store like ours. The new collections may be sold at their standard prices without season discounts. The weather may also be unpredictable and you will have to have a plan B especially for an outdoor photo shoot. Whatever your beloved or chosen season is, be frank with yourself, feel comfortable and don’t let any weather or any other conditions spoil your perfect mood! Keep going!

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