The best retro looks for the winter parties to work forever

by Karen

The winter pleases us with a ton of parties, affairs, informal evenings… Any glossy magazine can boast with the style ideas for the holidays and parties. We also decided to bring the good retro ideas for the winter parties to work forever. Using the graphical pad or imagemaker cloud based solution any advanced gal can think out all colors and complete makeup looks long before she starts her makeup. We all know this trouble when we are not satisfied with the makeup and we have to remove it over and over again. But thinking beforehand oftentimes can solve this problem! But not only we, gals, use this trick, sometimes you can see such makeup schemes on the pages of advanced fashion bloggers and such magazines as the “Glamour”. We also used a graphical pad to create the following step-by-step makeup techniques for you. Enough wasting time explaining cyber tricks; let’s start with the main ideas!

La Belle Époque inspired look.

Such looks are true godsends for the gals with light or pale skin, bobbed hairstyle and retro glam preferences of wardrobes. Makeup essentials:
  • Matt or modestly sparkling eye shadows in black or dark grey
  • Black liner
  • Black liner or liner for the brows
  • Purple or violet lip liners
  • Matt lipstick in violet or purple
  • Matt (without radiant particles) cheek powder of your skin tone
  • Face tone foundation, it should be 0.5 tone lighter or a little bit lighter than your natural skin tone

** We sincerely recommend you to use the best makeup kits to be sure of your makeup quality. You can use professional makeup kits by M.A.C. or daily makeup kits by Cover Girl or Maybelline. Yet the first brand is the most preferred option.

And here are the instructions. Apply the tone. Then apply the powder to the cheek and cheekbones. If you have a wide chin line, try to smooth it with darker powder. Remember: the dark colors conceal, the light colors reveal!**


Only eyes make the 20’s makeup look the true 20’s. Use the domelike brush to apply tenderly the eye shadows. You should apply shadows to the first part of the upper eyelid and accentuate the eyelid crease a little bit. Apply the shadows under the eyes too. Also draw the arch-line on your eye brows using the black kajal pencil or liner.


The lips are the second accent to make you into a true bell époque-styled gal. Using the lip liner you can draw the heart-shape line for your lip outline. It must be a little bit less than your actual lip outline. Disguise the rest of the lip with your skin tone foundation. The gals of those days were not born with the heart shaped lips; they made lips up the same way we described here!


Fill your contour with the lipstick


Apply the black liner or kajal pencils to define your eye contour.


Apply some mascara and here you can look the true belle époque.



If you are the spring or fall color type, use the chocolate colors for the eyes makeup, and scarlet-colored pencil and lipstick for the lips. Remember your lip pencil and the lipstick must be of the same color! Nataya dresses to go: la belle époque Dress and the Old Hollywood Nataya Dress
Old Hollywood Nataya Dress

The truly 40’s inspired look.

This look is perfect for the gals with brown, blond or red locks. This look is both inspired with the first true Barbie and the pinup styles. Makeup essentials:
  • · modestly sparkling or sparkling eye shadows in champagne, light blue, azure colors etc
  • · black liquid eye liner
  • · false lashes + special glue (preferably in black)
  • · coral lip liner
  • · radiant or matt lipstick in coral
  • · matt cheek powder of your color (peach or coral colors will also do)
  • · face tone foundation should be of the same color with yours
  • · eye shadows or pencil liner for your browns. They should be of the same color with your own eyebrows
Apply the foundation to the face. And let’s start the makeup! Apply the liner or shadows to your brows and spread the radiant or slightly-transparent eye shadows all around your upper eyelids.


Apply the liquid eye liner to draw a perfect eye line. Try to draw the same line as on the illustration. The end of line should be triangular, it will look great when your eyes are opened.


Glue the lashes using the black glue. Actually in classic way a gal should first glue the lashes before applying the shadows. And if you do not have the black glue for lashes by hand you should better do the step 3 first. Yet we recommend you to use the black glue. When your lines are finished it is always easy to see where the false lashes should be applied whereas it is hard to see what you did wrong if you apply false lashes to the lids without makeup. The black glue is adjusted to the color of your eye line.


Apply the powder only to the cheeks.


Draw your own lips outline or the bag-style line using the lip liner.


Fill the contour with the lipstick. The trick: open the lipstick but use the special lip brush instead. Take the necessary quantity of the lipstick and fill accurately the contour. This trick will help you to make the real shape of the 40’s inspired lips! 


Get ready to defeat hearts! The following dresses will go great with the 40’s inspired look: Nataya tango dress and Nataya Romantic dress in black!
Nataya Romantic dress in black

Futuristic Twiggy’s style look

She is still iconic, but her makeup made her the very Twiggy! Once, Twiggy revealed the main tricks of her fabulous makeup as we are about to do here. This style of makeup will go well for the gals with fair or dark blonde hair and boyish haircuts.


Makeup essentials:
  • · matt eye shadows in light dirty green and dark grass green
  • · black liquid eye liner
  • · false lashes + special glue (preferably in black)
  • · lip-gloss of your true lip color
  • · matt cheek powder of your color and one powder of a color darker than yours
  • · light beige or ivory eye liner (liquid or pencil)
  • · face tone should be of the same color with yours or a little bit paler
  • · eye shadows or pencil liner for your browns. They should be of the same color with your own eyebrows
  • · black mascara for the lower lashes
Apply the tone and the powder to your face. Apply darker color to your chin and the lighter powder to your cheeks.


Apply the eye shadows or the spray liner to your brows. Do not forget to apply the eye shadows all over your upper lid.



Draw a medium sized eye line.


Apply the grass green shadows only (!) to the eyelid crease. The line should be parallel to your black eye line. In brief you should draw only your eyelid crease.


Again we recommend you to glue the false lashes with black glue.


Apply the lighter eye liner to your lower lid only on the line where the lashes are growing.


Using the black liquid eye liner, draw the fake lashes.


Apply the mascara to the lower lashes.


If you think you look too pale, use a different powder for the cheeks.


Because Twiggy accentuated her eyes mostly, use only modest lip glow for the lips and no lip liner.



To complete the look use Nataya Summer Dress and all the short dresses form the coming “The Marmaids’ treasure” collection will also go!
Green Nataya Summer Dress
We wish you Happy retro style Holidays and parties!

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