The Best Nataya Dresses for Christmas time Parties

by Karen

You finally hear Jingle Bells ringing out from each and every corner, and we can hardly contain our holiday fervor. Let’s get right down to business as we share our favorite trends for your upcoming holiday festivities.


Traditional colors

We’ve already shared about berry and ruby colors on our Facebook page, but we want to revisit these lovely shades once more. Most of us associate red, red-n-white, berry and ruby with the Christmas season. These colors conjure up images of Santa Claus and warm, sparkling beverages. The new Wedding Guest Dress is superb for all ladies from 30 to 80 who adore the signature Christmas colors. This dress is a must if you want to maintain the festive spirit but aren’t sure if your parties will involve dancing.
Victoria Vintage Style Party Gown in Berry by Nataya
Another fantastic choice for the matriarch of the family who will be seated at the head of the table is the This One’s for You, Mom Dress. It is quite attractive and perfect for all of your special occasions.
Vintage Style Party Gown in Berry by Nataya
And now for our younger ladies from ages 20 to 40, our best selling Othelia Dress in ruby has already won the acclaimed spot among the top 5 Nataya dresses sold at The Empire Dress in ash and berry colors is just lovely for Christmas and prom balls with a magical Harry Potter theme.
Vintage Style Empire Dress by Nataya


Old Hollywood trend  The violet and black colors combinations as well as sapphire and mauve pairs found in the closet are super choices for your Old Hollywood inspired Christmas. Here are three of our top choices. The Flirty Short Dress in sapphire is wonderful for younger ladies who adore the Ava Gardner style.
Flirty Short Dress in sapphire

Our Chic Vintage Gal Dress is ideal for Kathleen Hepburn fans.

Chic Vintage Gal Dress

And here is the Empress Dress in Ivory, which mimics the gorgeous style of Natalie Wood.

Empress Dress in Ivory
Gatsby and Prohibition Trend This trend involves everything jazz and Charleston as well as all things pertaining to alcohol and cocktails. It can best be summed up by the words flapper and roaring! The Refined Cocktail Gown in black fits the adjective above. It is great for lovers of art deco and 1920s style Old Hollywood.
Refined Cocktail Gown in black
The signature art deco colors are perfectly reflected in the Flapper Dress by Nataya. Be sure to visit our party style dresses section.
Flapper Dress by Nataya
Edwardian and Victorian Trends Hands down, our most popular dress for the Victorian or Edwardian inspired parties is the Titanic dress 40007 in sage or its variation in black and coco shades.
Titanic dress 40007 in sage

We are proud to present the newly arrived Downton Abbey Style dress in black or antique beige and silver. The beige and silver variation is quickly climbing the top seller list! 

Downton Abbey Style dress in black

Whimsical Ideas for Younger Ladies

These two models are very popular among younger fans of Nataya’s dresses. Steampunk and vintage parties crave the bubble bottomed dress or corset-ruffled dresses. The Doll Dress in blue and the bubble bottomed Pink Tea Dress are guaranteed to make your whimsical Steampunk Christmas event totally unique! 

We sincerely hope you find the best dress for your upcoming Christmas occasions!

Doll Dress in blue
Doll Dress in rose

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