The Best Nataya Apparel for a Genre Photo Shoot. Colorful Ideas

by Karen

We continue our excursion into the world of retro-inspired fashions by Nataya and genre photo shoots. We have considered ideas on the style and colors of the wedding dresses. We have also focused on the basic colors of the backgrounds you may want for your wedding book. But now it’s time to concentrate our attention on the photo shoot backgrounds that are in fashion now.
Genre Photo Shoot wedding dress
WHITE One of the most widespread trends in fashion is the trend of having a colorful photo shoot with the white as a basic color. As an example, let’s take one of the recent Nataya photo shoots titled “In the Courts of Miracles.” Variously colored dresses are begging to be worn for such photo shoots. Pure white or ivory dresses will hardly look proper in these photo shoots, but the range of other possible colors is wide enough. But if you still insist on traditional white, ivory or pastel colors, you will have to surround your person with bridesmaids in vibrant darkly colored dresses. Your groom should prefer darker colors as well. The best colors for the white-based shots are definitely the shades of fuchsia and red. Thus, we are glad to let you know about our best-selling models for retro-inspired photo shoots: • The Boho Chic Gown is the most offbeat alternative idea to look like the aforementioned shot on the pages of the glossy magazine. • The Charcoal Berry Empire Gown also belongs to the same red/fuchsia lines. • Don’t forget, please, about the Artisan Gown. • The Empire Gown in red will also go great in such photo shoots. This gown may also look great in winter-inspired photo shoots when shades such as the blue-white snow cover are included. • The Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry will also work splendid if the chosen color background is white.

boho chic vintage style gowns

empire gown neo-vintage

violet vintage style dress

Boho Chic vintage fashion own
Here are two possible lighter models for the gals who are not keen on pink, fuchsia or red: • The Nataya Sapphire/Beige Dress may emphasize the color of your eyes (if they are black or blue) and the style of the photo shoot. • The Neo-Victorian Dress in peach may also attract attention when worn against a pure white background.
Nataya Sapphire/Beige Dress

Another possible idea is the glossy feminine style that may be seen in womens’ magazines.

THE PINK IDEA Pink may go great with ivory feminine gowns as well as with the gothic-styled gowns in black or dark grey. But the pink and peach colors may easily dissolve in when pink shades appear in the background of retro-inspired photo shoots. An alternative wedding dress is the Tulle Wedding Dress in black.
Tulle Wedding Dress in black
But what if you are one of the many individuals who don’t like black because you prefer a large amount of pink in your photo shoot? Here are some other ideas: • One of our best-selling dresses is the Vintage-Inspired Nataya Dress with shawl. It can serve splendidly for petite brides who want to push up their skinny zones slightly. The ivory variation of the dress is probably best. • You may also include the Nataya Wedding Gown on this short list. • Those who prefer puffy Victorian sleeves may find the Neo-Classic Dress by Nataya in ivory to be extremely chic and proper for the chosen colors.
Vintage-Inspired Nataya Dress with shawl
Vintage-Inspired Nataya white Dress with shawl
neo classic wedding dress
BEIGE AND PASTEL COLORS Deciding on these colors is probably the simplest way to choose a proper wedding dress from the catalogue, as we have splendid post-Victorian and neo-Edwardian dresses. • This set from Monmartre Doll is breathing with an antique breath that gives the flair of past epochs. • We are also glad to show you antique-looking jackets styled as post-Victorian apparel. They will also look splendid in vintage-styled photo shoots. • The flapper-style camisole is perfect for offbeat photo shoots with beige and pastel shadows.
post-Victorian apparel dress

vintage style bolero

vintage style set

Here are two more apparels worth being mentioned: • The Nataya Victorian-Style Wedding Dress in pastel colors • The Nataya 3-Piece Vintage-Style Sets — the first shot clearly demonstrates that this dress can “get along together” with pastel backgrounds.
Nataya Victorian-Style Wedding Dress

vintage style 3 piece set

GREEN SURROUNDS Green “loves” snow white and ivory dresses. The lime and light yellow dresses may also “survive” on the green background. Worthwhile dresses for green-surrounding photo shoots (i.e., shoots in tropical forests, botanical gardens and Victorian-style greenhouses) are the V-Neckline Dress in silkthe Informal Nataya Dress in midi length and the 1920s Style Dress in white.
V-Neckline Dress in silk

vintage style wedding dress styled as 1920's style gown

MARINE WEDDINGS AND BEACH WEDDINGS Those who prefer vast ocean and sky zones should take into account the fact that they will be surrounded with blue shades. Thus, you should be very careful with the blue colors on your dress. They should be set off with other contrast shades and palettes. • The Nataya Silver Mermaid Gown and Lavender/Aqua Dress can be tricky apparel for you to use if blue colors and shades appear everywhere, including your own wedding gown. • Snow white dresses may work the same way that they do on the aforementioned green backgrounds. So, one light and airy idea to consider is the New Titanic Tea Length Dress.
New Titanic Tea Length Dress
New Titanic Tea Length grey Dress
We have shared all our stylistic ideas for different genre photo shoots and the main color lines of the future pictures. You have only to decide which one to choose, but your intuition will give you a hint because intuition is your heart’s decision.

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Best Nataya Apparel for a Genre Photo Shoot

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