The Best Lace Apparel by Nataya

by Karen

Black lace, white lace, pastel lace or lace in saturated colors — whatever your choice, you should know that this trend will never go out of fashion. During 2011–2012, however, the demand for lace apparel has exceeded all possible limits and predictions. Fortunately, we are glad to inform our loyal customers that still carries tons of designs and dresses in lace.
Before choosing your lace apparel, you should take the character of the affair into account. Cold white, black and saturated laces are great for evening occasions, while light, pale, natural colors are preferable for daytime affairs. It goes without saying that saturated colors and evening affairs require saturated evening makeup, whereas light laces call out for natural romantic makeup.

The best variations for evening and daytime lace apparel are these:

Romantic Makeup for a Daytime Affair

  • Lip gloss in natural colors
  • Lash mascara — choose chocolate, dark grey or a light color, respectively, if any of those are the color of your lashes; choose black mascara for darker lashes
  • Base skin foundation and blush of the same color as your natural flush

Evening Makeup for a Nighttime Affair:

  • Black liquid or pencil eye liner to line your upper lid in a line of medium thickness
  • Volumizing black mascara or false lashes
  • Transparent or champagne eye shadow for upper eyelids
  • Lip gloss in saturated colors
As you see in both cases, there is no reason to apply traditional lipstick. This is because lace conveys an airy or breezy idea, but traditional lipstick may make your lips look heavy. Also, there is no need to apply most colors of eye shadow. They will “overweigh” your upper lids and keep your dress from looking really breezy and vintage! It is now time to cover the best Nataya dresses in lace for different purposes and occasions. All Titanic-style dresses are made with lace insertions and elements. Some unique styles are needed for certain affairs. Nataya’s Titanic Tea-Length Dress in pearl/mint, Vintage Titanic Dress in ivory, AL-2101 Titanic Tea-Length Dress in ivory and AL-2101 Titanic Tea-Length Dress in sage/lavender are look really tender and splendid for the daylight hours.
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Pearl by Nataya
The Titanic Tea Dress AL-2101 in black/silver, AL-5901 Titanic Dress in black/silver and 5901 Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry are great for evening occasions or occasions that feature unnatural indoor illumination.
Titanic Dress in black/silver

vintage style lace wedding dresses

Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry
You may also enjoy the rest of the Titanic-inspired models in our catalog and see when your beloved Titanic-style dress will look most stunning! But Titanic-style gowns make up just one part of Nataya’s vast collection. The collection is still full of other gowns and apparel. The following vintage-style model in black is very saturated; thus, it is splendid as apparel for the matinee or evening dance events.


Titanic-style dress


Ballerina dresses, our lace dress bestsellers, can be also worn for occasions held at many different times of the day. Nataya’s Ballerina Dress in pink, as we mentioned in one of our previous posts, is great for natural sunshine. This dress is begging you to wear it on a sunny day. It is perfect apparel for bridesmaids and brides. But the saturated black dress looks like classic Old Hollywood apparel. It may also be worn for “red carpet” events, evening banquets and retro-style nights.


Nataya’s Ballerina Dress in pink


Old Hollywood apparel vintage dress
Our Victorian-style tops in black and ivory can be paired with black or white palazzos for a great look. The style and colors of the apparel hint at the proper affair for the outfits. For example, the overall silhouette is great for evening affairs.


Victorian-style tops
Victorian-style white tops
The Nataya Tango Passionate Dress in lace is also very saturated; thus, it may look really improper during the daylight. After sunset, however, it will have a flaming appearance and catch all eyes.


Nataya Tango Passionate Dress in lace
Nataya’s Ivory Dress with lace insertions is great for alternative brides, beach weddings and all sunny/sunshine affairs. The saturated sapphire variation of the dress works best for the moderated illumination that is used in situations such as bohemian-style discussions or hookah smoking.
Nataya’s Ivory Dress with lace
Nataya’s Vintage-Style Wedding Gown in lace is the perfect variation for the airy bride who has planned the wedding affair during the first half of the day in a Victorian-style garden.
Nataya’s Vintage-Style Wedding Gown in lace
We have listed only the bestselling models in lace. You will discover the rest if you visit our catalog. Choose your style and model, and follow our advice to become a true vintage princess in true vintage-style lace apparel!

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