Art-deco inspired parties. The ideas

by Karen

In the early 1920’s, ready-to-wear sets were at the top of the vogue. However, the haute couture fashion houses had more than 20,000 customers. The haute couture dresses remained high fashion even in the early 1920’s. These dresses were made for Hollywood celebs, kings’ wives and crème-de-la-crème ladies. They spent most of their husbands’ honoraries on the art-deco designer’s novelties. The roaring 1920’s were also the revolution in fabulous fashion houses, bringing us “Chanel” in 1919, becoming one of the mothers of “art-deco”. Art-deco is also known as the “zigzag style”, “jazz modern” or “stars style”. There was plenty of embroidery, jewellery and decorations in art-deco styled clothing. The fashion designers applied applications and sequin embroidery even to the shoes. So if you plan the true art-deco look, use non-vulgar yet classically embroidered shoes. Décor was also everywhere including coach pillows, carpets and dishes with the underlying mantra of everything must be decorated for the coming affair. If you want to surprise your guests, use the decoupage technique. It will help you make everything from modern notebooks to dishes look “art-decolicious”. Art-deco style was known as the eclectic style too. It can also be called the whimsical mixture of Cubism and abstractionism. Since then, African luxury can also be used for your party room as well as Egyptian styles. The best materials for art-deco rooms are silver, red and black wood, chrome steel, aluminum and, surely, bakelite. Starved to find some luxurious yet reasonably-priced jewelry? Purchase Bakelite bracelets and beads. These items of jewelry originally came from the 20’s art-deco era. The art-deco style was also known as the “art of decoration” so if you like decorations find your inspiration in old fashion and furniture catalogues. The entertainment industry favored the spreading of “art-deco” styles all around the world. Many Casinos and retro Hollywood cinema theaters were built in those days. So, you can make your party room into a retro cinema theater, and thus, it will look truly like an art-deco reception. You will need only sepia projectors and a linen bed sheet. The Old Hollywood style is firstly “art-deco” then bohemian, and then the 30’s glam or any other styles thereafter. Actually the style itself was born in 1925 and finally, it was proclaimed after the appearance of Hilary Gelson’s narration. That novel was published in 1966 and narrated about the birth of the style, Diaghilev’s “Russian seasons” in Paris and artistic inspirations that influenced the art-deco appearance. Too late? Thanks to Gelson we may now draw our “art-deco” inspiration. Using the reproduction of art-deco pictures you will finish the style of your party-room or reception. The most widespread shapes of art-deco style are oval, circle, triangle and polyhedrons. So if you have whimsical figures or statues based on these shapes, you can place them into the center of the lobby. And, of course, do not forget to pick up the most appropriate dresses for your art-deco party. The new Titanic inspired dress in berry will be up to the colors of the chosen era. Do not use too much jewelry for your outfit. One or two bakelite bracelets will be quite enough!

art-deco titanic dress

The 1920’s style swan dresses will bring you into the center of the affair. All eyes will be on you and around you especially if you are a brunet with dark eyes.

art-deco dress

To look like an old Hollywood celeb means wearing the artisan dress by Nataya. Glam evening makeup and you will catch all eyes!

artisan dress

What can turn you into a 1920’s style celebrity? Nothing will handle this job better than the Grecian style dress in lime! Check the new arrivals in our store!

grecian style evening gowns

We cannot help but mention the 1920’s Gatsby dramatic dress. Turn yourselves into art-deco style celebrities.

1920's style evening dresses

The aforementioned Grecian style dress can be compete only with the 1920’s Old Hollywood glam dress by Nataya. But competitiveness is nonsense when it comes to the black version of the dress.

old hollywood style evening gowns

Everything comes to her who waits and we hope to see the 1920’s Old Hollywood inspired prom dresses soon as well as the coming “Mermaids’ treasure” collection.

1920's style evening dresses

Be glam, be mysterious and be yourselves and we promise all glances will be at your art-deco personality!

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