Appropriate Hairstyles for Backyard Wedding

by Karen

Backyard weddings have a luxurious, laidback sense of style that brides, grooms, and guests can all equally appreciate. If you have an outdoor, backyard wedding on the horizon and are wondering how to look when you arrive - you are not alone! Once you decide on your outfit and accessories, it’s time to consider how to style your overall look.  
Here are a few beautiful hair styles that are perfectly appropriate for a backyard wedding. 

An Undone Up-Do
Up-dos are a classic choice when styling your hair for a wedding. But a perfectly prim and polished look without a single hair out of place will probably feel way too formal. Instead of a stiff, structured French twist, consider an up-do that is delightfully undone. A low bun with a windswept appearance will look effortless when paired with any elegant wedding day look. 

Half-Up Elegance

Appropriate Hairstyles for Backyard Wedding

Pulling half of your hair off of your face is another way to look both elegant and effortless at an outdoor wedding. It allows you to add volume and visual interest to your overall look without making your hair look overly-polished. Curl your hair and gather your face-framing strands together in the back to create a chic, casual style that is also perfectly on-trend.

A Statement Braid
If you truly want to make your hair-do dynamic, consider styling it in a gorgeous statement braid. Braided accents will put an elegant, bohemian twist on any up-do or half up-do. But to truly set your look apart, consider sweeping your hair into a single oversized braid. Fair warning: this impactful hairstyle requires lots of hair, so ladies with fine or medium-length strands may need to add extensions to successfully bring this look to life. 

Effortless Waves
At a traditional wedding, wearing your hair down is typically frowned upon. But backyard weddings have a certain sense of style that is perfectly complemented by a beautiful blowout. If you aren’t a fan of having your hair up, use a curling iron to create beachy waves for a carefree, windswept look that is totally effortless in design. Just add extra volume to the roots and you have a wedding-ready hairstyle that is easy to create. 

A Pumped Up Ponytail
Ponytails were once considered too “casual” for a formal wedding. But a thoughtfully styled ponytail with undone strands and plenty of volume can actually look incredibly chic. We aren’t talking about tossing your hair up in a scrunchy and calling it a day - rather, have a hairstylist put a contemporary twist on a classic ponytail for a cool, wedding-ready hairstyle that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Floral Accents
No matter how you decide to style your hair, adding floral accents will give it a bohemian twist that will perfectly align with a backyard wedding’s overall aesthetic. A few wildflowers woven into your braid will provide you with a fairytale look that is sure to earn you plenty of compliments. Or, add a few carefully placed blooms into your updo to make your entire ensemble a bit more down-to-earth.


Appropriate Hairstyles for Backyard Wedding Infographic

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